classic bridal updo
Credit: ElStile

As a bride, bridesmaid, or wedding guest, you want to look elegant, attractive, and beautiful on that very special day. Create a winning hairstyle that will look great in photos and will be easy to wear. The secret to a great wedding hairstyle is to create a look that looks stunning and will last all night! It doesn’t matter if you choose cascading curls, loose braids, or even a styled updo with a tiara on top, the way you wear your hair is one of the most important aspects of your entire look. So, make sure to make it gorgeous!

1Hairstyles 4 – 14

curls hairs bride
Credit: Liv Hart

1. Beautiful curls tied together with a sparkling rhinestone clip
2. A teased bohemian style with an adorable braid at the top

bohemian style
Credit: Ulyana Aster via Instagram

3. Gorgeous cascading curls that will last all night
4. A sleek and pretty style with a unique twisted bun in the back

cascading curls
Credit: Elstile
unique hairs of bride
Credit: Luxury Hair