bouquet has sunflowers daisies white roses
Credit: Ashton Howard Photography

Weddings are truly a time for lots of fun, fancy, and whimsy, which is why the wedding bouquet you choose to hold in your hands as you walk down the aisle should be something that represents who you are and what you want to convey to the world! It doesn’t matter if you choose red roses or white daisies, sparkling rhinestones or elegant pearls, or even satin ribbon or rustic twine, the memories of the wedding bouquet you choose will be yours to cherish forever! Pick a bouquet that defines who you are and don’t forget to make it beautiful.

1. An adorable round bouquet with peach and pale pink peonies and silvery leaves
2. A nosegay bouquet with rustic white and red flowers peeking out from the sides

round bouquet peach pale pink peonies silvery leaves
Credit: Carla Ten Eyck
nosegay bouquet rustic white red flowers
Credit: Fondly Forever

3. An elegant bouquet with rhinestones and pearls and pretty pink roses
4. A sparkling bouquet of gleaming precious stones in blue, green, and white

elegant bouquet rhinestones pearls pink roses
Credit: Elegantweddingdecor
sp bouquet gleaming stones blue green white
Credit: Debbie Carlisle

5. White magnolia and burgundy dahlia flowers make up this beautiful bouquet
6. A delicate mix of white daisies and small white flowers make up this feminine bouquet

white magnolia burgundy dahlia flowers
Credit: Eric Kelley
white daisies white flowers
Credit: Jemma Keech

7. Pine cones, white roses, and leaves make up this unique and distinctive bouquet
8. Tied with gold ribbon, this bouquet is made of peonies, roses, anemone, and hydrangea

pine cones white roses leaves
Credit: Aaron Varga photography
wedding bouquet with peonies roses anemone hydrangea
Credit: Poppy Love weddings

9. Tied with black ribbon, this elegant bouquet has white anemone flowers and roses
10. In a perfect cascade design, this bouquet is full of peach roses and white orchids

bouquet white anemone flowers roses
Credit: BB Shots photography
this bouquet has cascade design
Credit: BlackTieProject

11. This beautiful round bouquet in a posy design includes pretty purple and white flowers
12. Refreshing and bright, this colorful bouquet is has roses, succulents, tuberose, and tulips

bouquet posy design
Credit: Philippa Craddock
bouquet with roses succulents tuberose tulips
Credit: Photography by Gema Storyboard Wedding

13. Bold and romantic, this fall bouquet has white, orange, and red rose and dahlia flowers
14. Bright and cheerful, this happy bouquet is full of sunflowers, daisies, and white roses

romantic bouquet
Credit: Nicole Chan Photography
bouquet has sunflowers daisies white roses
Credit: Ashton Howard Photography

15. Delicate and feminine, this bouquet has red and pink roses and peonies, and salal leaves
16. Perfect for a winter wedding, this bouquet has dusty miller flat and small white flowers

bouquet red-pink roses peonies salal leaves
Credit: Jessica Sloane
bouquet perfect for a winter wedding
Credit: The Nichols