rustic cake
Credit: Erin Wheat Photography

The cake that you choose says a lot about you and your fiance, and your wedding as a whole. Do you want a huge cake, or something smaller? Do you want a colorful cake, or something more understated? The choices are endless and truly up to you. Pick the most beautiful wedding cake that you can find that defines who you are, and what you want to convey to the world. Your wedding cake should not only look amazing, but also taste delicious. The way your wedding cake looks and tastes will be remembered for years and years to come!

1. An artfully designed wedding cake with a sparkling blue and gold geode design
2. A fancy multi-tiered wedding cake with a creative and unique blue and gold design

wedding cake sparkling blue gold geode design
Credit: Intricate Icings Cake Design
cake unique blue gold design
Credit: Tara McMullen Photography

3. A glamorous three tiered cake with a turquoise design going down the middle
4. A feminine pink wedding cake with colorful flowers and a pink ribboned icing design

glamorous three tiered cake
Credit: Red Balloon Photography
pink cake colorful flowers
Credit: Sunny 16 photography

5. A sophisticated and simple clean white wedding cake with a few sprigs of lavender
6. An adorable and creative white cake with a fruit tree going up the side

white cake sprigs of lavender
Credit: Lukas and Suzy VanDyke
white bridal cake
Credit: Aneta Mak photography

7. A cheerful buttercream wedding cake decorated with a few bright yellow sunflowers
8. An enchanting white wedding cake with pink roses and pinecones decorating the front

buttercream cake
Credit: Graham Terhune photography
white wedding cake pink roses pinecones decorating the front
Credit: Eyelet Images

9. A simple white cake decorated with just a few perfectly placed flowers in various colors
10. A spring cake decorated with pale pink frosting and pink and purple flowers

flowers various colors on wedding cake
Credit: Marvelous Things photography
spring wedding cake
Credit: Jessica Gold photography

11. An elegantly designed cake decorated with intricate gold detailing and pink flowers
12. An adorable and kitschy replica of Cinderella’s silvery blue carriage

cake intricate gold detailing pink flowers
Credit: Nadia & Co
cake Cinderella
Credit: Alexa Penberthy photography

13. A wonderful cake fit for a princess with colorful tea cups and decorated frosting flowers
14. A magnificent gold and burgundy multi-tiered cake with decorative detailing and intricate design

wonderful cake fit princess
Credit: Sassa’s Cakes
magnificent gold burgundy multi tiered cake
Credit: Cake Opera Co

15. A rustic cake perfect for a winter wedding with green leaves, baby’s breath, and white frosting
16. An art-deco styled cake with a gold geometric design and blue, green, and white detailing

rustic cake
Credit: Erin Wheat Photography
cake gold geometric design
Credit: Cake Whisperer