floor complete gorgeous decor style
Credit: Holeigh V photography

With sweet-smelling candles and sparkling lights, adorable nameplates and colorful flowers; and everything in between, choosing the right decor pieces for your wedding can start to become a daunting affair. There are just so many stunningly gorgeous items to choose from out there that it can get confusing to say the least. The secret to choosing the right decorations for your wedding is to always stay true to yourself and who you are as a couple, as well as what you want to convey to the world! Choose decor that speaks to your soul and you can never go wrong.


1. With sheer fabric, lights, and more. This decor style is beautiful and one-of-a-kind
2. The bride and groom’s initials with succulents, now what could be better than that?

decor style beautiful one kind
Credit: Bhldn via Instagram
wedding decoration
Credit: jasmine lee photography

3. With shades of purple and lilac, this decor style with candles and flowers is gorgeous
4. Bright and cheerful, this decor look incorporates gold, pretty flowers, and candles

purple lilac decor style candles flowers
Credit: Timmester Photography
decor gold flowers candles
Credit: Angie Silvy Photography

5. Extremely elegant and chic, this look is showstopping and breathtaking to say the least
6. An adorable framed nameplate at the entryway welcoming guests to the wedding

elegant chic
Credit: SMS Photography
nameplate welcoming guests wedding
Credit: Tasha Rae Photography

7. Natural and bohemian, these pieces are unique touches that add appeal to a table
8. Different and one-of-a-kind, these golden tables create a winning look for any wedding

Natural and bohemian
Credit: Brady Puryear
golden tables create winning look wedding
Credit: Corbin Gurkin photography

9. Magnificent and eye-catching, the leaves, flowers, and gold brighten up the entire venue
10. Shabby chic done right, this cute centerpiece is unique, feminine, and very pretty

Magnificent eye catching church
Credit: Kehoe Designs
Shabby chic done right
Credit: Wes Roberts Photography

11. Pastel flowers and hanging candles, this is how an outdoor wedding is supposed to look
12. A table runner with wood, green leaves, and white flowers, very modern and chic

pastel flowers hanging candles
Credit: Amy & Jordan photography
table runner wood green-leaves white flowers modern chic
Credit: Jorem & Sheila Catilo photography

13. The couple’s initials in fresh pink flowers, beautiful, engaging, and adorable.
14. Light peach drapes that reach down to the floor complete this gorgeous decor style

initials fresh pink flowers beautiful engaging adorable
Credit: Rylee Hitchner photography
floor complete gorgeous decor style
Credit: Holeigh V photography

15. Sunflowers and mason jars, joyful, fun, and bright!
16. Distinctive and interesting, large white balloons as wonderful decor for a wedding

sunflowers mason jars joyful fun
Credit: Ulysses Photography
wonderful decor wedding
Credit: Max and Friends

17. Understated elegance, lavender, pretty china, and white cloth napkins
18. Fun and nautical, this wooden anchor is a great way for guests to leave their well-wishes

lavender pretty china white cloth napkins
Credit: Eline Jacobine Photography
wooden anchor great way guests leave wishes
Credit: FromTheCoast2TheCity via Etsy