wedding ring asscher shaped diamond
Credit: Scott Kay

Engagement rings and wedding rings are your time to show the world what love truly means to you. Each ring you wear is meant to be worn as a gorgeous symbol of love, devotion, commitment, joy, and happiness. With all of the sparkling rings out there today, it can be hard to choose just one, but choose what speaks to your heart and soul. No matter what style speaks to you, and no matter what you end up with, it will indeed be the right choice. Your beautiful ring will last you for the test of time, cherish it well.

1. This sparkling solitaire oval-shaped diamond is chic, simple, and beautiful
2. An adorable engagement ring in a beautiful glass box with gold trim

sparkling solitaire oval shaped diamond chic
Credit: Fire & Brilliance via Instagram
adorable engagement ring
Credit: Emily Katharine Photography

3. A gorgeous oval-shaped diamond sitting on a gleaming platinum and diamond band
4. A traditional asscher-shaped diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds in platinum

ring oval shaped diamond-sitting on gleaming platinum
Credit: Tigergemstones via Etsy
engagement ring traditional asscher shaped diamond
Credit: zalesjewelers via instagram

5. A vintage gold band with a sparkling raised diamond in the center
6. A asscher-shaped clear white diamond that is chic and glamorous

vintage gold band
Credit: Claire Pettibone
asscher shaped clear white diamond
Credit: Ashleyn Wilkins via instagram

7. A gleaming round diamond sitting on a sparkling gold band
8. An elegant and intricately detailed ring with diamonds encased in platinum

gleaming round diamond
Credit: popRing via Etsy
ring diamonds encased platinum
Credit: tacoriofficial via instagram

9. A heart-shaped diamond ring in platinum and a simple diamond wedding band
10. A unique round diamond with intricate detailing and distinctive styling

wedding band eart shaped diamond ring
Credit: Tiffany & Co
unique round diamond intricate detailing
Credit: Kirk Kara

11. A thick gold band with a pretty white diamond in in the center
12. An amazingly gorgeous wedding ring with a asscher-shaped diamond in the center

engagement rings thick-gold-band-pretty white diamond in center
Credit: Nile via Instagram
wedding ring asscher shaped diamond
Credit: Scott Kay

13. A stunning ring with a asscher-shaped diamond in the center and a unique circular band.
14. A delicate ring that is unlike any other. An amber-colored stone makes this ring stand out

stunning ring with asscher shaped diamond
Credit: Gabriel & Co. via Instagram
delicate ring
Credit: Catbird via instagram

15. A bright round diamond sitting on a delicate diamond and platinum band
16. A ring fit for a princess, three beautiful diamonds sit on a gleaming gold band

bright round diamond delicate diamond platinum band
Credit: Michael Hill via Instagram
ring fit for princess
Credit: Brilliatn Earth via Iantagram

17. The ring that everyone wants, diamonds, platinum, and sparkle!
18. A large round diamond engagement ring sitting on a sparkling diamond wedding band.

diamonds platinumsparkle
Credit: Moi Moi Fine Jewellery via Instagram
large round diamond engagement ring
Credit: Jean Pierre Jewelers via Instagram