orange white yellow flowers-look-amazing wedding decoration
Credit: Meredith Perdue

With the right decor, your wedding can easily go from pretty good to amazingly great. But, it’s important to remember the fact that details matter, a lot, and adding personal touches to your decor style will make all the difference in the world. Flickering candles warm up a room a great deal, and ambient lighting creates a romantic and inviting atmosphere. Wedding decor should be fun, pretty, and close to your heart. Use colors that you like, and fabric that makes you feel happy. At the end of the day, this is your wedding and your time to truly shine!


1. Beautiful tulle fabric and tiny white flowers decorating the church at a wedding
2. Ambient lighting and candles in votives creating a wonderful atmosphere

tulle fabric tiny white flowers decorating chairs
Credit: Kelsie Mae
ambient lighting candles
Credit: Stressfree

3. A staircase with candles in glass containers and fresh green vine decorating the banister
4. A pretty sitting area complete with cushioned chairs and an initialed black backdrop

staircase with candles glass
Credit: Amanda Miller Photography
black backdrop and chairs
Credit: Amber Phinisee

5. Bright yellow sunflowers decorating an outdoor wedding beautifully
6. Twigs, white flowers, and cactus decorating an outdoor desert wedding

bright yellow sunflowers decorating wedding
Credit: Justine Johnson Photography
Twigs white flowers cactus
Credit: Amy_Demos via Instagram

7. A gorgeous wall of white and yellow flowers framed in gold decorating a wedding venue
8. Cute little touches like these adorable wired hearts make all the difference in the world

wall of white yellow flowers
Credit: Tyler Vu photography
little touches like these adorable wired hearts
Credit: Paper Heart photography

9. Hanging balls of white and pale blue flowers decorate the ceiling
10. Unique and one of a kind, this decor incorporates seashells and candles

Hanging balls of white pale blue flowers
Credit: Cuppa photography
decor incorporates seashells candles
Credit: Classy Event Rentals

11. Bright and beautiful, hot pink flowers on the floor create an inviting appeal to a wedding
12. Orange, white, and yellow flowers look amazing when placed in hanging mason jars

hot pink flowers on floor inviting appeal wedding
Credit: KT Merry
orange white yellow flowers-look-amazing wedding decoration
Credit: Meredith Perdue