featured shoes
Credit: Matthew Ree

There is simply no way one can be settled when planning a wedding without getting the wedding shoes of their desire. They are part and parcel of the must-haves in any wedding. But wait a minute; did you know that shopping for wedding shoes is just as hectic as shopping for any other thing like the suit or the gown? That is right! That is one of the many reasons why you got to start early enough and shop around until you get exactly what you are looking for as far as your wedding shoes go. Sample the following shoes and get a touch and feel of what you should look for.

1. Unique and beautiful
2. A jimmy Choo design

unique shoes
Credit: Caroline Frost photography
jimmy Choo shoes
Credit: Mark Kuroda

3. Need some cute flat shoes? Check these ones out!
4. Laced wedding shoes

flat shoes
Credit: Katie Stoops photography
laced wedding shoes
Credit: Jen Fariello photography

5. High-heeled open toes
6. I like the flower!

high heeled open toes
Credit: Matthew Ree
bridal shoes with flower
Credit: Rebecca Arthurs

7. Beautiful heels, a must have!
8. Gorgeous!

amazing heels
Credit: Jennifer Wilson Photography
bride shoes
Credit: Heather Hawkins photography

9. Strapped
10. Closed beautiful shoes

Credit: Aperture photography
Closed beautiful shoes
Credit: Annabella Charles

11. Closed toes with a creative flower
12. A strapped high heels pair of wedding shoes

Closed toes creative flower
Credit: Christine Donee
high heels pair of wedding shoes
Credit: Jessica Burke

13. How about this!
14. Beautiful open-toes

good shoes
Credit: ASOS
open toes
Credit: Melissa Schollaert