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It is definitely a fact that goes without mentioning that you will need a ring during your engagement or wedding party. Wedding rings or engagement rings are usually a sign of coming together or cementing your relationship or better still taking it to another level. Therefore, it is critical to shop around and get the best of the best rings. Don’t just take chances and go for any available ring, no. Here, are a few, actually 14 types of rings to be specific, that you can choose from. They are not only unique but also of high quality.

1. A pear ring
2. A cushion ring

pear ring
Credit: Laurie Sarah Designs via Etsy
cushion ring
Credit: Henri Daussi

3. A unique diamond ring
4. A beautiful vintage ring

unique diamond ring
Credit: RosadosBox via Etsy
vintage ring
Credit: Under The Crown

5. A gorgeous pear ring
6. Ann amazing and uniquely designed ring

pear ring
Credit: kirkkara via instagram
uniquely designed ring
Credit: kirkkara via instagram

7. A princess ring
8. A spectacular ring with some really clear diamond

princess ring
Credit: Brilliant Earth via instagram
spectacular ring
Credit: louisagallery via Etsy

9. A beautiful asscher ring on a flower
10. A pair of rings. One a princess ring and the other a normal ring.

ring on a flower
Credit: tacoriofficial via instagram
pair of rings
Credit: Tiffany & Co

11. A gorgeous asscher ring
12. A round ring with excellent finishes

asscher ring
Credit: Kirk Kara
round ring good finishes
Credit: Nile via Instagram

13. A high quality and highly designed unique ring
14. A stunning oval ring

unique ring
Credit: Diamond Mansion
stunning oval ring
Credit: LuxCrown via Etsy