long sparkling braid
Credit: Elstyle

It is an undisputed fact that many people who attend weddings generally concentrate on how the bride looks right from her hair style to the kind of gown she is in. That is one of the important reasons why a bride should look out of this world on her big day, not only for her guests but also for herself because the wedding day is largely and arguably for the bride. We’ve sample a number of the best of the best wedding hair styles that you can think of putting on your wedding day. Feel free to comb through for your best style.

1. A well done waterfall braid
2. A dark waterfall braid

waterfall braid
Credit: Shannon Elizabeth photography
dark braid hair
Credit: Renee Marie

3. A shouting waterfall braid
4. A gorgeous fishtail braid look

shouting waterfall braid
Credit: stephygnarstagram via Instagram
fishtail braid
Credit: Kay English photography

5. A cute waterfall braid
6. A beautiful waterfall braid

awesome braid bride
Credit: Belaire Bridal
beautiful hairstyle bride
Credit: Art4Studio

7. An elegant braid to bun
8. A long sparkling waterfall braid

braid to bun
Credit: Elstile via instagram
long sparkling braid
Credit: Elstyle

9. A distinct waterfall braid
10. A short attractive braid to bun

distinct hair braid
Credit: IHMS
attractive braid to bun
Credit: Hazelwood photo

11. A nicely done braid to bun
12. A beautiful classic French braid

bride hairstyle
Credit: Elstile
braid to bun
Credit: This Modern Romance

13. A short and cute waterfall braid
14. A colourful classic French braid

classic French braid
Credit: Ulyana Aster
colourful classic French braid
Credit: Web Salon