Credit: Mike Carreiro Photography

Did you know that your choice of wedding decoration will go a long way in determining the general ambience and experience in your wedding day? You heard it absolutely right. That is why wedding décor should be handled very carefully and should actually be left to professionals who fully understand what should go where. However, it is critical to make sure that whoever you’ll hire to handle your wedding decorations should be able to bring out precisely what is your mind and that basically calls for a thorough research in order to arrive at the best décor ideas. Here are a few great wedding decorations that you can borrow from.

1. Amazing lighting
2. A well decorated groom and brides’ high table

amazing lighting
Credit: Ivents Plus inc
well decorated groom and bride
Credit: stacey z photography

3. A table with a ‘pineapple flower’ with a table number tag
4. A clear message. Love is in the air!

table pineapple flower
Credit: Michelle Lange Photography
love is in the air
Credit: SweetTeaPaper via Etsy

5. A creatively done décor of a tree on a table
6. A tree flower with glass well arranged

decor tree on table
Credit: Patterson Photography
tree flower with glass
Credit: Agaton Strom

7. decorated benches along the entrance
8. An attractively done menu

decorated benches entrance
Credit: Fiori By Lynne
attractively done menu
Credit: Willow Noavi Photography

9. Beautiful flowers on a rustic bench
10. Breathtaking candles and flowers

flowers rustic bench
Credit: Seasonal Bounty via Etsy
candles flowers
Credit: Jackie Comerford

11. Beautiful flowers on pots
12. A well laid long table

flowers on pots
Credit: Kristin Sweeting
laid long table
Credit: Imaj Gallery Photography

13. Colorful and bright flowers
14. Flowers on a box-like holder. Beautiful.

colorful and bright flowers
Credit: Joshua Bobrove photography
flowers on box
Credit: Onelove Photography

15. A beautiful pumpkin guest book
16. Amazing big flowers at the center of a long table

pumpkin guest book
Credit: Mike Carreiro Photography
big flowers center table
Credit: Wedding Flowers by Lisa