featured ring
Credit: Diamond Nexus

Are you planning to have a wedding? If yes, you must have thought of the kind and quality of wedding rings which you, together with your love, will use on that big day, right? If not, you had better start researching earlier enough so as to get exactly what you would like to have as far as wedding rings go. You will need to be absolutely clear in your mind on what you need while, at the same time, keeping in mind your budget because various wedding rings, just as engagement rings, come with different prices. However, the beautiful thing is the fact that you can always get a wedding ring that is within your budget. So, you don’t have to break your back in order to get beautiful wedding rings, no. Here are a few samples which you can choose from.

1. A sidestone ring
2. A typical threestone ring

sidestone ring
Credit: Tyler Rye Photography
threestone ring
Credit: brilliantearth via instagram

3. An oval vintage ring
4. A beautiful morganite ring

oval vintate ring
Credit: Diamond Nexus
morganite ring
Credit: Harry Winston

5. A cute asscher ring
6. A set of rings including heart rings and an oval ring

asscher ring
Credit: Mary Costa photography
oval and heart rings
Credit: Ring Concierge via Instagram

7. A round vintage ring
8. A real pear ring

round vintage ring
Credit: Elisa Bricker Photography
real pear ring
Credit: Gabriel & Co. via instagram

9. A halo emerald ring
10. A beautiful ruby threestone ring

halo emerald ring
Credit: Alyssa & Anna Fine Jewelry via Instagram
ruby ring
Credit: Brilliant Earth via Instagram

11. A vintage ring
12. A classic ring

vintage ring
Credit: Kirk Kara
classic ring
Credit: Nile via Instagram

13. A cushion ring
14. a beautiful round sidestone ring

cushion ring
Credit: Diamond Mansion
round sidestone ring
Credit: Scott Kay