rustic cake
Credit: Imely Photography

The wedding cake that you choose will be the main centerpiece on your big day. No matter what it looks like, how big it is, or how it tastes, it will be remembered by your guests for years and years to come. It’s important that you choose a wedding cake that speaks to your heart and soul, and is beautiful and distinctive just like you! With all the gorgeous wedding cakes out there to choose from, it’s also important to choose a cake that coordinates with your decor as much as possible, in terms of color, shade, and design aesthetic.


A very pretty art deco cake in blue and gold leaf
A blush pink three-layered cake with flowers on the second layer

deco cake blue gold leaf
Credit: The Wedding Cake Boutique
blush pink cak with flowers
Credit: Layered Bake Shop

A unique and gorgeous wedding cake with a white layer, purple layer, and lavender layer
An adorable purple wedding cake complete with a golden pink dress decorated on the front

wedding cake white purple lavender purple layers
Credit: Brody Tan
cake with golden pink dress
Credit: With Love & Confection

A sweet white wedding cake decorated with red cherries, vines, white roses, and twigs
A pristine blush wedding cake decorated with bold flowers on the second layer

white cake decorated red cherries vines white roses twigs
Credit: Nicole Colwell photography
cake decorated flowers on second layer
Credit: Cake Ink

Adorable cakes in pastel blue and pink that are decorated with roses, pearls, and ribbon
A bright sunset cake with a tropical feel decorated with palm trees, flowers, and a turtle

pastel blue and pink wedding cake
Credit: Instagram@cottonandcrumbs
sunset cake tropical decorated palm trees flowers turtle
Credit: alt photography

A glitzy white wedding cake decorated with sparkling crystals, stones, and gems
A pale pink cake with white trim and gold balls, decorated with bright pink flowers

decorated cake sparkling crystals stones gems
Credit: Hunter Ryan photo
pink cake white trim gold balls pink flowers
Credit: Bliss Pastry

An artistic cake reminiscent of wood that is adorable, cute, and very realistic.
A pretty white multi-tiered wedding cake with ‘naked’ frosting, and decorated with flowers

cake reminiscent of wood cute very realistic
Credit: Larissa Cleveland photography
wedding cake naked frosting decorated flowers
Credit: Kristen Kilpatrick

A unique and colorful multi-tiered wedding cake decorated with stained-glass designs
A rustic, yet beautiful, cream-colored wedding cake, decorated with flowers and doves

wedding cake colorful decorated stained glass designs
Credit: Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes
rustic cake
Credit: Imely Photography