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Credit: Anna Perevertaylo Photography

The wedding or engagement ring you choose to wear on your left hand is one of the most important rings you will ever own in your life. You will stare at this ring for years and years to come, and admire it for its beauty, luster, and sparkle. Make sure to choose a ring that is not only beautiful, but distinctive and memorable as well. Your engagement ring and wedding ring are symbols of love, affection, and joy, and should be worn with confidence. Be it diamonds or pearls or gold or platinum, whatever you choose must be gorgeous.


A gorgeous sparkling ring with a diamond-encrusted band, and a diamond in the center.
A wedding and engagement set of gorgeous gold and diamond rings

ring diamond encrusted band center
Credit: Phantom Jewels via Instagram
wedding engagement set of-gorgeous gold diamond rings
Credit: OliveAvenueJewelry via Etsy

A single large diamond solitaire laid out in a stunning platinum band
A beautiful round diamond set in platinum, with a diamond encrusted band

large diamond solitaire
Credit: Simon G
round diamond set in platinum
Credit: Cartier

A stunning take on a square-cut diamond set in silver. The result is priceless.
A traditional yet stunning diamond solitaire set in shiny platinum, with a platinum band

diamond set in silver
Credit: Henri Daussi via instagram
diamond solitaire set in shiny platinum
Credit: MiaDonna & Co. via Instagram

An intricate and delicately detailed square-cut diamond engagement ring
A pretty and unique flower shaped ring that is magnificent and one-of-a-kind

square cut diamond engagement ring
Credit: Anna Perevertaylo Photography
flower shaped ring
Credit: The Model Maker

An absolutely magnificent ring with five sparkling diamonds on the face
A very inspiring diamond ring with a figure-eight band that is encrusted with diamonds

ring five sparkling diamonds
Credit: Smellynelson
diamond ring figure eight band
Credit: Gabriel & Co. via instagram

A large clear and brilliant diamond set in a delicate diamond encrusted band
His and Hers wedding rings from Tacori that are modern, classic, and stylish

brilliant diamond
Credit: Parade Design via Instagram
wedding rings from Tacori
Credit: tacoriofficial via instagram

A breathtaking diamond ring that sparkles and shines with every passing light
Three brilliant and very beautiful emerald cut diamonds sitting on a stunning band

breathtaking diamond ring
Credit: Eternity Jewelry
Three brilliant on ring
Credit: Two by London via Instagram