wooden chairs decorated with-pink-white-flower bouquet in the back
Credit: Love, Sylvia photography

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime chance to truly show the world what you are really made of. Decorate to your heart’s desire on your big day, and don’t hold back in any way, shape, or form. Embellish your tables with the most colorful flowers you can find, dot the aisles with sparkling candles, decorate your reception hall with big red hearts, and of course, don’t forget the glowing lights galore. This is your big day, and it’s up to you to create the wedding of your dreams! Do it up, go over the top, and enjoy yourself!


Sweet decor consisting of roses and a sparkling chandelier perfect for an outdoor wedding.
The perfect elegant table setting, complete with a lantern, a blue tablecloth, and candles.

decor with roses sparkling chandelier
Credit: Ashlee Mintz photography
lantern blue tablecloth candles on table
Credit: Robert & Kathleen

Bright yellow sunflowers in jars decorating the aisle in a Spring wedding.
Candles, small white flowers, and white tablecloths are gorgeous as a table setting.

sunflowers decorating the aisle
Credit: Ulysses photography
Candles white flowers white tablecloths on table
Credit: Larissa Cleveland photography

A gorgeous church wedding complete with a natural green trellis and flowers overtop.
A clear vase filled with yellow sunflowers, bright blue flowers, and small white flowers.

church wedding decorated-natural-green trellis flowers overtop
Credit: Trent Bailey Photography
sunflowers blue flowers white flowers on bouquet
Credit: Michele Conde Photography

Silver, white, and cream are the colors of this table setting full of flowers and crystal.
A natural take on a wedding table setting, with flowers, a tree stump, and a love sign.

Silver and white cream on-table full of flowers crystal
Credit: Stacy Able photography
weddng table with flowers tree stump a love sign
Credit: Brandy Angel photography

A bold and colorful table setting, complete with purple and blue flowers in a clear vase.
An adorable beach wedding set right on the sand, decorated with wooden signs and small white flowers.

table with purple blue flowers in a clear vase
Credit: Sarah Maren
wedding decoration on beach-wooden-signs and small white flowers
Credit: Pleiocene Pictures

Pretty wooden chairs complete with a small pink and white flower bouquet in the back.
Stunning pink and orange roses sitting atop a natural wood tree stump dotting the aisleway.

wooden chairs decorated with-pink-white-flower bouquet in the back
Credit: Love, Sylvia photography
pink orange roses sitting atop-wood-tree-stump dotting the aisleway
Credit: Ben Finch photography