multi tiered cake for princess shaped like a castle with details throughou
Credit: Mother & Me via Facebook

At the end of the day, there is no doubt about it, the cake that you choose will be the highlight of your entire wedding, and with good reason! Cakes are truly a wonderful addition to any wedding. Cakes not only look great in photos, but they taste amazing as well! Now, what could be better than that? Choose between flavors like chocolate or vanilla or red velvet or lemon, decorate with flowers or frosting or jewels or sparkles. Your wedding cake should represent you! Tasty, delicious, and beautiful, there are no discrepancies, everyone can agree that wedding cakes are truly incredible!


A simple two-layered white wedding cake sitting atop a kitschy piece of tree bark.
A pastel dream wedding cake complete with pink frosting, macaroons, and flowers.

two layered white wedding cake
Credit: Alixann Loosle Photography
wedding cake with pink frosting macaroons and flowers
Credit: nouba_blog via Instagram

A white wedding cake complete with bright and colorful flowers dotting each tier.
Reminiscent of a carousel, this wedding cake is detailed, intricate, and absolutely stunning.

white cake with bright and colorful flowers
Credit: Hilary Rose
wedding cake intricate and absolutely stunning
Credit: David Manning photographers

A multi-tiered wedding cake fit for a princess, this cake is shaped like a castle with amazing details throughout.
Creative and unique, this wedding cake features black and white photos of the couple and purple flowers.

multi tiered cake for princess shaped like a castle with details throughou
Credit: Mother & Me via Facebook
unique cake
Credit: The Baker mama

A “naked” wedding cake with white frosting, a chocolate drizzle, and fresh flowers on top.
A beautiful white and gold cake complete with a watercolor effect on the first layer in blue.

wedding cake white frosting chocolate drizzle fresh flowers on top
Credit: Tome via Instagram
white gold cake with watercolor effect on first layer in blue
Credit: Sheradee Hurst Photography

An adorable cake shaped like a ball gown, and fit for a queen.
Sweet wedding cake cookies decorated with cute dresses and doors.

cake shaped like a ball gown
Credit: Three Little Blackbirds
cookies decorated with cute dresses and doors
Credit: Belleissimo Cookies

An interestingly magnificent multi-tiered cake decorated with sparkling clear jewels.
A lovely purple and pink cake using texture and flowers to create a masterpiece.

white cake decorated sparkling clear jewels
Credit: Ron Ben-Israel Cakes
purple pink cake with texture flowers and four layers
Credit: Winifred Kristé Cake

A bright and cheerful white cake decorated with green leaves and a pink bird on top.
A spectacular white wedding cake embellished with shiny gold leaves and bands.

white cake decorated with-green eaves pink bird on top
Credit: Jose Villa photography
white cake embellished with gold leaves bands
Credit: Jeremy Chou