beautiful vintage gold ring with stone shape pear and double band
Credit: Anna Sheffield

Weddings are normally handled with a lot of expectations since they are basically once in a lifetime events. That is because it is simply a day that two people in love take their relationship to another level. And, to mark that, they usually exchange vows and weddings rings also take centre stage. But just how simple or hard is it to get a good and high quality wedding ring or even an engagement ring? Well, it is not that easy especially keeping in mind that there are many types of wedding and engagement rings out there. But here are a few of the great and amazing engagement rings as well as wedding rings.

Pic #1: A wonderful ‘crown’ unique ring
Pic #2: An awesome classic ring

interesting ring
Credit: Phantom Jewels via Instagram
classic ring with one pearl set center and silver band
Credit: Ayythompson Photography via Instagram

Pic #3: A set of rings, one is beautiful cushion ring
Pic #4: A pearl ring

ring with one big diamonds around
Credit: Shane Company via instagram
beautiful vintage gold ring with stone shape pear and double band
Credit: Anna Sheffield

Pic #5: How about that!
Pic #6: A set of vintage rings

classic ring with big diamond and double platinum band
Credit: David Yurman
three ring engagement ring wedding and classic ring without diamonds
Credit: Joseph Jewelry

Pic #7: A classic ring in its case
Pic #8: A beautiful threestone ring

ring for princess
Credit: Emily March Photography
whole silver platinum ring with three diamonds
Credit: zalesjewelers via instagram

Pic #9: A clear princess ring
Pic #10: A dark ruby ring

engagement ring with radiant diamond
Credit: Brilliant Earth via instagram
oval diamond with platinum band
Credit: LuoJewelry via Etsy

Pic #11: An asscher ring on the middle finger
Pic #12: A gorgeous aquamarine ring

emerald diamond
Credit: CarlyCristman
round diamond and platinum band
Credit: Tiffany & Co

Pic #13: A halo ring

Pic #14: An set of amazing princess ring

beautiful ring with one big diamond and double band
Credit: Classic Creations via Instagram
emerald shape of diamond
Credit: popRing via Etsy

Pic #15: A pair of quite unique rings there!

two ring with effect interweaving bands
Credit: Classic Creations via Instagram<