spring colored cake decorated flowers
Credit: But a Dream Custom Cakes

There is no doubt that a good number of those people who attend weddings usually look forward to having a piece or at least a taste of the wedding cake. That tells you only one thing – a wedding cannot be complete without cutting the cake. Therefore, in the event that you are planning your wedding make sure that you go not only for the right size of the wedding cake but also one which is good and done by professionals. At the same time, it is important to have samples in mind so as to make your work much easier when looking for your wedding cake. That is one of the reasons why we had to compile a list of samples herein to help you out. They are as follows.

Pic #1: A white cake with flowers
Pic #2: A beautiful cake in an outdoor wedding

white cake with two layers and flowers on the top
Credit: Leezet photography
three layers cake first layer white second layer pink and last layer blue pattern
Credit: Brandon Kidd photography

Pic #3: Oh, those sweet berries!
Pic #4: looks yummy, right?

white cake with three layers and with fresh strawberries raspberries
Credit: Mi Belle photography
yellow wedding cake with yellow color a bow and whoe cake camomile desing
Credit: Wild Orchid Baking Company

Pic #5: Amazing icing on that cake!
Pic #6: A set of cakes and wine glasses

one layer cake decorated with roses on the top
Credit: La Zina Cakes
amazing wedding cake with four layers decorated bouquets of flowers
Credit: Melissa Marshall

Pic #7: Do you love colours? Here we go!
Pic #8: I like it!

colorful cake
Credit: Bliss Pastry
white cake
Credit: Keira Lemonis Photography

Pic #9: A beautiful and professionally done 5-tiers cake
Pic #10: One word, delicious!

cake with five layers  and richely decorated
Credit: weddingforward via Instagram
spring colored cake decorated flowers
Credit: But a Dream Custom Cakes

Pic #11: Creativity at its best!
Pic #12: Simple and elegant

unusual cake
Credit: Tara Donoghue Photography
cream cake created with two layers
Credit: The Pretty Sugar Cake Company

Pic #13: How about that in case you want something creamy!
Pic #14: An amazing wedding cake on a glass stand

white cake with white rose
Credit: Q Avenue photo
square wedding cake
Credit: Leah Marie Photography

Pic #15: A mix of chocolate, berries and cream: Very tempting for real!
Pic #16: Awesome, clear message in the air!

tasty cake
Credit: Petra Veikkola Photography
rustic cake
Credit: Kate Wenzel Photography