Credit: Christopher Duggan Photography

Wedding décor is not something that should be taken lightly lest you stand to be disappointed big time. Wedding decorations go a long way in determining the general atmosphere of any wedding and that being the case you must go out of your way to research and hire professionals to do the décor on your behalf. But that is not to say that you cannot do it yourself if indeed you understand the nitty gritties of wedding decorations. But that said and done, it is always advisable to hire someone else or a company to take of the décor so that you can be left with enough time to do and supervise other things before and during your wedding day.

Pic #1: Planning an evening wedding? This is the perfect lighting idea!
Pic #2: The message of love in flowers, amazing!

perfect lighting idea
Credit: Make Stuff Production
love in flowers
Credit: Joel Bedford Photography

Pic #3: A customized wooden guest book
Pic #4: It is all flowers on customized pots

wooden guest book
Credit: Victoria Carlson photography
flowers in glass
Credit: Mark Tattersall photography

Pic #5: Wedding décor at its best
Pic #6: A message from the couple to family and friends

wedding decoration on church
Credit: Two Sparks Wedding Photography
wedding message for family and friends writed on mirror
Credit: Elaine Palladino Photography

Pic #7Flowers and candle lighting all together to create a wonderful outdoor ambience
Pic #8: Creative, right?

flowers and candle lighting
Credit: Belathée Photography
creative altar outdoor
Credit: Emily Katharine photography

Pic #9: A round table setting with candle lights at the centre
Pic #10: A long table with big and small flowers

beautiful decorated table
Credit: Christopher Duggan Photography
long table with big and small flowers
Credit: Vis photography

Pic #11: Amazingly beautiful flowers and stand
Pic #12: Creatively and beautifully cut logs serving as flower stands

beautiful yellow field flowers set at center round table
Credit: Razvan photography
rustic bouquet for decor wedding
Credit: Half Orange Photography

Pic #13: Awesome! Long table set for an outdoor event
Pic #14: How about these ceiling hangings!

long table decorated many orange tulips
Credit: Catherine Hall Studios
rustic chandelier
Credit: Delbarr Moradi photography