this cake has shape tree trunk
Credit: Dreams to Reality Cakes

There is no doubt that you cannot afford to take chances as far as getting your wedding cake goes. That is mainly because wedding cakes play a pivotal role in any given wedding. As a result, you must get it right in picking the kind of wedding cake you want and that calls for absolute carefulness lest you’ll either be duped and end up not getting value for your money or you’ll simply not get a cake that you have always envisioned to get on your big day. You can shop online or go to physical baking companies or individuals but just make sure that it is something which you love and one which is within your budget. Do not overstretch in order to get a cake for your wedding, no. Here are some samples that you can consider.

Pic #1: Decorated with the groom and bride’s names
Pic #2: A three-tier cake with a beautiful flower on the side

three layers cake with groom and bride names
Credit: Bake the Cake
wedding cake with one big white flower
Credit: Crummb via instagram

Pic #3: A wedding cake in form of a wedding gown
Pic #4: A well-cut out log serving as a stand for this beautiful cake

this cake has shape bride dress
Credit: Pink Cake Box
white cake decorated with cones
Credit: Mary Meghan photography

Pic #5: A blend of colors in the icing of this cake
Pic #6: Simple and creative finishes

colorful cake with flowers pattern
Credit: Cake Ink
white small cake decorated many flowers
Credit: Ashley Kelemen photography

Pic #7: For the love of the cream!
Pic #8: Is blue your wedding theme? This is the cake to go for!

white four tier cake decorated roses
Credit: Megan Reeves photography
amazing dark blue cake with flowers
Credit: Olofson design

Pic #9: Yummy chocolate
Pic #10: For those who love art

chocolate cake with flowers
Credit: Jerome Cole Photography
two tier square cake colorful
Credit: OvenArt

Pic #11: A log or a cake? A cake certainly with the couple’s initials
Pic #12: Berries and flowers for the finishes

this cake has shape tree trunk
Credit: Dreams to Reality Cakes
brown cake decorated with many colorful flowers
Credit: Christopher Testani

Pic #13: A majorly white cake with some flowers
Pic #14: You got many guests? This is the right size

white wedding cake with flowers
Credit: Kerry Schutz photography
some tiers cake with shape cheese
Credit: Sylvie Gil Photography

Pic #15: Simple
Pic #16: Sandwiched chocolate and flowers on top

white cake
Credit: Mango Studios
eight layers cake with big flowers on top
Credit: Amy Carlston Photography

Pic #17: For a goldish or cream-like theme
Pic #18: The icing is just amazing!

cream cake with orange flowers
Credit: Andrea Howard cakes
white cake with small decoration and pink flowers on top
Credit: Amalie Orrange photography