Credit: Set Free Photography

Many studies on wedding have intimated that quite a good number of people spend a lot of time on wedding decorations when planning their big day. That is something that can be directly attributed to the role that décor play in weddings. They are basically among the key factors that people will use to say whether a particular wedding was a success or not. Therefore, it certainly important to make sure that you’ve hired the right people to do your décor during your wedding day or else you’ll be disappointed a lot. The following are some great wedding decoration ideas that you can borrow from.

Pic #1: Round tables with lightings hanging from the ceiling
Pic #2: A beautiful walkway in an outdoor wedding

round tables with lightings hanging from the ceiling
Credit: Rachel Solomon
amazing white altar
Credit: James Christianson

Pic #3: Quite vintage and beautiful
Pic #4: a base of a log with candle lights on it

nice vintage lantern with candle
Credit: Salvador Carmona
rustic light and candle with flowers
Credit: Blackbird photography

Pic #5: For all to see!
Pic #6: A passionate kiss right at the entrance

initials bride and groom with flowers
Credit: Krista Fox photography
romantic groom and bride kissing beside altar
Credit: Austin Gros

Pic #7: Rustic and beautiful, right?
Pic #8: Creatively clothed chairs

sparkler send off for wedding guests
Credit: 2Hodges photography
amazing big white flowers hanging on chair with white tulle
Credit: Jana Williams photography

Pic #9: A beautiful round flower hanged on a chair
Pic #10: Flowers, table number and candles

round boquet with white smaller flower hanging on chair
Credit: Ozzy Garcia photography
romantic decorated table with lighting candles
Credit: Andi Diamond Photography

Pic #11: For a beach wedding
Pic #12: A beach wedding already set

romantic  altar on beach decorated flowers in corners
Credit: Set Free Photography
hanging big round bouquets with white flowers next altar on beach
Credit: Meg Baisden Photography

Pic #13: A well decorated walkway leading to the altar
Pic #14: It is all vintage with a flowered wooden walkway

walkway decorated with along orange leaves and altars on the end
Credit: Leanne Pedersen photographers
beautiful blue fiolet flowers beside chairs
Credit: Corbin Gurkin

Pic #15: Different sizes of logs serving as lampstands
Pic #16: Awesome combination of flowers

rustic decoration with trunks and candles
Credit: Jackie Wonders photography
much boquets beside chairs
Credit: Lisa Berry photography

Pic #17: Simple but very beautiful!
Pic #18: Decorated edges of benches in a church set up to create an amazing walkway

boquet with jar hanging on chair
Credit: Ryan and Denise photography
white flowers with tulles hanging on bench
Credit: Weddings with zsa zsa belagio