Credit: Chalmers Jewelers

Since time in memorial, rings have been used during engagement ceremonies as well as in wedding ceremonies. That means, the two events cannot be complete without rings. So, how much have you done to buy the kind of ring that your will fall in love from the moment that they set their eyes on it? There a lot that one needs to be aware of when buying wedding rings. Set aside some time to do your research and get referrals from friends and family who have bought rings before. However, here are some examples of great wedding rings and engagements. You can an idea or option from them.

Pic #1: A unique silver ring
Pic #2: A high quality sidestone ring

platinum ring has shape crown with diamonds on band
Credit: Jewelsin via Facebook
engagement ring with one big diamond on center and smaller diamonds on band
Credit: Raymond Lee Jewelers

Pic #3: A unique princess ring
Pic #4: An amazing silver ring

amazing platinum ring with diamond with deep band
Credit: Kay Jewelers via Instagram
platinum ring with big oval diamond and interlaced band with diamonds
Credit: Chalmers Jewelers

Pic #5: A classic ring in a unique case
Pic #6: A pair of moissanite and sapphire cushion rings

amazing platinum ring for her with beautiful big diamond
Credit: MountainUrsusDesigns via Etsy
two vintage rings
Credit: zalesjewelers via instagram

Pic #7: A silver sidestone ring
Pic #8: A unique ring there!

ring with round diamond and along a lot diamonds
Credit: Gabriel & Co. via instagram
amazing gold ring with one big diamond
Credit: Anye Designs via Instagram

Pic #9: Two different views of a typical vintage ring
Pic #10: Sidestoe rings

wow two amazing vintage engagement ring
Credit: Green Lake Jewelry
three nice gold rings with diamond each
Credit: tacoriofficial via instagram

Pic #11: A creatively designed moissanite ring
Pic #12: An aquamarine cushion ring

round diamond with decorated band
Credit: Simon G. via Instagram
platinum ring with diamond and double band
Credit: Raymond Lee Jewelers

Pic #13: A cushion ring in a finger
Pic #14: A princess ring and a round ring

ring with asscher diamond
Credit: Oh So Perfect Proposal via Instagram
two platinum rings wedding and engagement
Credit: Diamond Nexus via Instagram