white cake with black symbols engagement and wedding
Credit: Celine’s Cakery via Facebook

It is so hard to come across a wedding where there is no cutting of the wedding cake. Cutting of cake is something which became synonymous with weddings many centuries ago. In other words, that says if you are planning to have a wedding you must have a wedding cake. It is normally advisable to have it ready a few days before the actually day in order to be safe from disappointments that come with last minute rush. Also, get a good cake that will leave guests wanting more it. It is easy. Just shop around and get referrals. Here are some samples for you.

Pic #1: A four-tier white wedding cake with some decorations on it
Pic #2: Delicious, right?

big white wedding cake
Credit: The Sugared Rose
cake with imitation of ice cubes
Credit: Sweet Sugar Sixpence

Pic #3: Incredible!
Pic #4: I want one ‘slice’!

amazing cake with many tier
Credit: conisugar via Instagram
jummy three tier wedding cake
Credit: Happy Confetti photography

Pic #5: A great combination it is!
Pic #6: What do you call this if not creativity at its best!

white cake with blackberry on top each tier
Credit: Daisy Saulls Photography
amazing gray tort with initials bride and groom and flower decoration
Credit: Artisan Cake Company

Pic #7: Flowers and berries, my favourite!
Pic #8: A pic of the couple kissing on a cake

chocolate wedding cake with grape and flowers
Credit: Paula O’Hara
blue cake with decorated pumpkin
Credit: Veenas Art of Cakes

Pic #9: I want a piece!
Pic #10: The ‘golden rings’ completes the icing

amazing yellow cake and decorated with pearl flowers
Credit: Aldabella photography
wedding cake show like pancakes
Credit: Rhythm photography

Pic #11: Amazing!
Pic #12: Small, simple & yummy

big cake with red flowers
Credit: Jessica Zais photography
nice cake with fruits on top
Credit: Thomas Steibl

Pic #13: The decorations say it all!
Pic #14: Great blending of many colours

tasty cake
Credit: Ashley McCormick photography
richely decorated cake
Credit: Elizabeth Solaru via Instagram

Pic #15: Love is in the air! A love story for all to see
Pic #16: Creamy and yummy!

white cake with black symbols engagement and wedding
Credit: Celine’s Cakery via Facebook
cream cake
Credit: Sweet Bloom Cakes via Instagram