amazing violet blue round bouquet
Credit: Harman Lee

The history carrying flowers by the bride and her maids on a wedding can be traced back many years. They, the flowers, complement many things in a wedding hence the need and importance of having beautiful flowers. They, in most cases, help in setting the mood of the wedding. There are a lot of options when it comes to flowers and therefore you must choose carefully. You can choose to carry simple flowers while, at the same time, you can also opt to have big flowers. It’ll all depend on what exactly you need. Here are samples of wonderful flowers that you can actually have on your wedding day.

Pic #1:  Dusty miller flat – silvery leaves; Brunia – silver bee bells; Anemone – white flowers with black centre; Ranunculus – white flowers with yellow centre
Pic #2: Roses – pink flowers; Eucalyptus – silvery leaves; Ranunculus – white flowers with green centre

big round wedding bouquet
Credit: Brooke Schultz
caskade bouquet
Credit: Fleurs de France

Pic #3: Roses – white flowers
Pic #4: Anemone – white flowers with black centre Ranunculus – pink flowers

common bouquet with rose and green leaves
Credit: Ashley Seawell photography
colorful bride bouquet with roses
Credit: Amanda Watson photography

Pic #5: Sunflowers – large yellow flowers; Succulents – green flowers; Daisy – white flowers with yellow centre; Fressia – white flowers; Goldenrod – yellow oblong flowers
Pic #6: Peony – large pink – orange, white flowers Ranunculus – orange and pink flowers

bride flowers with sunflowers
Credit: KMD Creations Photography
big colorful boquet
Credit: Travis J photography

Pic #7: Ranunculus – white flowers with dark means
Pic #8: Roses – yellow flowers; Craspedia – yellow balls; Succulents – green flowers; Dusty miller flat – silvery leaves

amazing bride bouquet
Credit: Hello Miss Lovely
yellow flowers
Credit: Revert Photo

Pic #9: Blackberries – fruits, Feathers – feathers for adornment; Protea Imperial – closed large purple flower, fern – leaves; Roses – white and pink flowers; Dhalia – cherry blossoms, peony – white flowers
Pic #10: Lisianthus – white flowers; Peony – cherry flowers

perfect flowers for bride
Credit: Nichols Wedding photography
amazing colorful round bouquet
Credit: Kate Robinson Photography

Pic #11: Hydrangea – blue flowers; Roses – white flowers
Pic #12: Roses – light purple flowers; Hydrangea – violet little flowers; Lily – violet and white flowers

bouquet with white roses and light blue flowers
Credit: Kristen Lynne Photography
amazing violet blue round bouquet
Credit: Harman Lee

Pic #13: Eucalyptus – silver leaves; Imperial Protea – large bright pink flower; Dhalia – cherry blossoms
Pic #14: Dhalia – cherry blossoms; Dusty miller flat – silvery leaves; Peony – bright orange flowers

very big bouquet
Credit: Lauren Scotti Photography
nice flowers
Credit: EE photography