this wedding cake has mario game desing
Credit: Gateaux Inc.

Ever attended a wedding where there was of cake? I bet your answer, just as mine would be, is a big no. That, in other words, says that a wedding cake is basically a must have if you are planning to have a wedding. Therefore, it is critical to start planning on how you ill one as early as possible. Decide on the size, the design and who to bake that wedding cake for you. It is normally a wise thing to do some substantial research on the best bakers around your locality or how you can also order your cake online. In the event that you elect to place an online order, your cake will definitely be delivered to your doorstep. Below are some great options for wedding cakes.

Pic #1: a four-tier white cake with some purple touches and ribbon
Pic #2: Do you love cartoons? Well, here is a cake for you!

square wedding cake with four tiers
Credit: Star Noir Studio
this wedding cake has mario game desing
Credit: Gateaux Inc.

Pic #3: Goldish and creamy with beautiful flowers
Pic #4: Those white flowers with golden centres competes the look

gold cake
Credit: Hansel & Gretel Cake
cake decorated with two white flowers
Credit: Tara McMullen Photography

Pic #5: A wedding cake in form of a gown with butterfly decorations
Pic #6: A creatively done white Christmas cake

cookies has shape bride dress
Credit: Tascha’s Cakes via Facebook
wedding cake decorated three baubles on top
Credit: Paula Cake Couture via Facebook

Pic #7: One big cake and two small cakes
Pic #8: A white cake with beautiful flowers and on a silver base

gold cake with three tiers
Credit: Cakes 2 Cupcakes
white cake with flowers
Credit: Britt Croft photography

Pic #9: A beautiful turquoise cake
Pic #10: For the love of flowers!

amazing cake looks like stack pancakes
Credit: Baked Expressions
interesting cake with shape smaller yellow flowers
Credit: Juliet Stall

Pic #11: Wonderful!
Pic #12: ‘Lovebirds’, the message is loud and clear.

mniam cake
Credit: Sean Money+Elizabeth Fay
rustic cake each tiers has trunks imitation
Credit: Artisan Cake Company

Pic #13: This purely for the lovers of wildlife, a good idea!
Pic #14: Amazing, right from the cake itself to the stand.

forest cake
Credit: Kim Stockwell Photography
amazing red cake richely decorated
Credit: Pernille Loof