amazing altar maked with string petals flowers
Credit: Scott Hagar photography

Wedding decorations arguably take a junk of any wedding budget. Consequently, you must make sure that you have indeed gotten value for your money lest you will regret at the end of the day. Make sure that everything goes as planned as far as wedding décor is concerned. In as much as it is absolutely important to hire and leave things like wedding décor to professionals, it is equally important to make sure that you have monitored every step of decorating your venue and all that will be used on your big day in order to avoid some unforeseeable disappointments. Here are some of the best wedding decorations that we complied for you.

Pic #1: Creative flowers holders
Pic #2: A glass full of fruits, notably the orange and apples

holders with flowers hanging on wall
Credit: Manda Weaver Photography
forest fruits in glass
Credit: Kevin Watkins Photography

Pic #3: Long tables with flowers at the centre
Pic #4: A ranch wedding décor

long two tables outdoor
Credit: Jose Villa Photography
rural wedding
Credit: Melissa Schollaert

Pic #5: All set for an outdoor wedding
Pic #6: Vintage lampstand holding a lit candle

simple altar outdoor with white tulle and flowers
Credit: Leah Vis Photography
lantern with candles  and roses around
Credit: Kate Preftakes Photography

Pic #7: A combination of green and pink, an amazing scene for photography
Pic #8: White and green live flowers

amazing altar maked with string petals flowers
Credit: Scott Hagar photography
field flower in glass on table
Credit: Brandy Angel photography

Pic #9: Light up the night indeed! All is set!
Pic #10: A wonderfully decorated indoors wedding setting

cold sparklers for wedding guests
Credit: Jennifer Wilson photography
amazing altar in church
Credit: Bob and Dawn Davis photography and design

Pic #11: Simple ribbon décor on a chair
Pic #12: Wonderful, right?

Credit: Love And Light photographs
beautiful altar decorated violet tulles and flowers
Credit: Karen Tran

Pic #13: Yes, love is the air!
Pic #14: A simple but beautiful outdoor altar

chairs for bride and groom writed word love
Credit: J. Anne Photography
altar on beach
Credit: Chris+Lynn Photography

Pic #15: A church wedding décor
Pic #16: White is the main colour

amazing church
Credit: clanegessel via Instagram
field bouquets decorated walkway
Credit: Caroline Tran photography