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There is no doubt that as a mark of commitment, one must give their love a ring. If it is during the engagement, the couple normally exchange engagement rings and if it is during their wedding then wedding rings are normally used. But, wait a minute. How much do you know about wedding rings? Do you know exactly what you want in terms of the materials used, the shape and such things? Well, many people usually find it a bit hard when deciding on the kind of ring that they will buy. However, it is critical to point out that buying wedding rings should actually nit give you a headache. Just arm yourself with the right information. The following are just a few of the millions of wedding rings that you will get in the market today.

Pic #1: A remarkable cushion ring
Pic #2: A marquise ring

big radiant on edge rng with many small diamonds on edge ring
Credit: deBebians via instagram
amazing black pear diamond
Credit: Heidi Gibson via instagram

Pic #3: A shinny diamond pear ring
Pic #4: A unique ring there!

platinum ring with pear shape diamond and many small diamonds
Credit: Jeff Cooper
perfect platinum ring for her with round diamond
Credit: Jarrad Lister Photography

Pic #5: A beautiful ring with a blend of colours
Pic #6: A classy threestone ring in its case

creative engagement ring
Credit: Trabert Goldsmiths via Instagram
vintage ring
Credit: S. Kind & Co via Instagram

Pic #7: A beautiful and creatively designed unique ring
Pic #8: A vintage ring

engagement ring for princess
Credit: Hazelwood Photography
gold ring double band and big one radiant diamond at center
Credit: Jean Pierre Jewelers

Pic #9: A shinny and gorgeous sidestone ring
Pic #10: A pure emerald vintage ring

amazing vintage ring
Credit: Purple Tree Photography
ring for her with green round diamond
Credit: kilarjewelry via etsy

Pic #11: A silver princess ring
Pic #12: A beautiful round ring

emerland diamond with platinum band
Credit: McTeigue & McClelland
two rings engagement ring with big diamond and one wedding ring
Credit: DesignsByKamni via Etsy