amazing bride bouquet with violet orchid
Credit: Dusty Brown

Usually, lovely and fresh wedding bouquets can actually lighten up the mood in any wedding. That is why it is extremely essential to make sure that you’ve chosen the right flowers to use on your wedding day. In addition, your choice of wedding bouquet should actually complement not only the theme of your wedding but, to some extent, the kind of dress that you will be in. That is to say that you, just as your bridesmaids should not carry wedding flowers that clash with the colour of your dresses. Have a look at the following wedding bouquets and get a sense of great and beautiful wedding flowers.

Pic #1: Roses – dark blue flowers; brooches; pearls
Pic #2: Field flowers; Daisy – white flowers with yellow centers; Sage – violet oblong flowers

wedding bouquet decorated richely with pearls
Credit: Elegantweddingdecor
small bride bouquet with forest flowers
Credit: Paula O’Hara

Pic #3: Pine cones – Broom – protruding shoots
Pic #4: Amaryllis – red flowers in the shape of a cup; Ranunculuc – red flowers resembling a rose; Ruscus leaves

bouquet with cones and twigs and field green flower
Credit: Thao Vu photography
bouquet with burgundy big flowers
Credit: Mishelle Lamarand

Pic #5: Anemone – white flower with black center; Roses – white flowers; Dusty miller flat – silvery leaves; Fir – sprigs of conifer on right side of bouquet
Pic #6: Orchid – violet flowers; Tulips – light pink (almost white) flowers hanging from the leaves; Roses – pink flowers at the top of the bouquet; Grass Bear – leaves hanging from the bouquet

round bouquet with white roses-and-other-white-flowers
Credit: Jennifer Fujikawa photography
amazing bride bouquet with violet orchid
Credit: Dusty Brown

Pic #7: Roses – pink flowers; Creeper – drooping leaves
Pic #8: Roses – large white flower; Peony – large bright pink flower

big cascading bouquet
Credit: Brklyn View Photography
white roses and blue small flowers
Credit: Loft photographie

Pic #9: Lily of the Valley – white and purple little flowers; Fern – leaves to the right of the bouquet
Pic #10: Roses – dark blue and white flowers; Carnation – white feathery flowers; zinnia – coral flowers

beautiful bouquet
Credit: Anna Kidman Photography
amazing round bouquet with white and pink, blue flowers
Credit: RosyLilyFlorals via Etsy

Pic #11: Brunia – silver balls in bouquet; Roses – white flowers in bouquet; Dusty miller flat – silvery leaves; Freesia – small white flowers at bottom of bouquet
Pic #12: Dusty miller flat – silvery leaves; Brunia – silver beads in bouquet; Anemone – white flowers with black center; Decorative thistle – prickly beads in bouquet

creative big wedding bouquet
Credit: Jon Hartman photography
bouquet with many different flowers
Credit: Emily Delamater