forest fruits decoration with white bow
Credit: Abelle photographie

It is only a person who has never attended a wedding who can out rule the need and importance of wedding decorations. In other words, wedding decoration is one the factors that will certainly go a long way in determining how success and colourful your wedding will be. No doubt about. As such, it really is critical to not only get the right décor but also get the right people to do your wedding décor. The décor will mostly depend on your wedding theme. At the same time, you must play your part of researching well and get the picture in mind of your wedding décor so as to be in a position to explain yourself clearly to whoever will handle your décor. However, you can also pick one out of their previously done décors such as the following.

Pic #1: A white ribbon and two cones with spruce branch on a bench
Pic #2: Cones and decorative twigs in a glass

forest fruits decoration with white bow
Credit: Abelle photographie
cones in glass
Credit: Kirtsy slideshow

Pic #3: A beautifully done walkway to the altar
Pic #4: Beautiful cream flowers with yellow centers

a richely decorated church
Credit: Karlisch Studio
bouquets on long tables with glass and candles on mirror
Credit: Christian Oth Studio Photography

Pic #5: Lovely combination of different flowers
Pic #6: An amazing vintage look there!

many flowers on table for wedding
Credit: Ashley Camper
vintage altar
Credit: Meredith Brockington Photography

Pic #7: Yellow flowers with a few white ones completing the amazing look and feel
Pic #8: A combination of Sunflowers and other attractive flowers

yellow and orange flowers hanged on the beam
Credit: Carasco photography
amazing altar with sunflowers and other orange flowers
Credit: The Cole Portfolio Photography

Pic #9: A well-done outdoor altar
Pic #10: White and green flowers with a candle light

outdoor altar
Credit: The Nichols
lantern with candles and green leaves
Credit: LesAmisphoto

Pic #11: Don’t you love that!
Pic #12: Long table with green and white flowers

outdoor altars decorated many flowers and bride and groom
Credit: Blue Rose Pictures
long wedding table with white bouquets
Credit: Dana Grant photography

Pic #13: Yes, message in a bottle!
Pic #14: beautifully decorated chairs along the walkway

message in bottle for wedding guests
Credit: Framing The Light Photography
well decorated chairs with flowers
Credit: Walters & Walters