Credit: S. Kind & Co

There is no doubt that engagement rings and wedding rings have been around for as long as we can remember. They are a symbol of love, and, love that has been taken to another level. Since they are that important, it is also essential and advisable to gift your love with the most beautiful wedding or engagement ring that you can afford. There are many wedding rings around and it will all depend on the much that you are willing to spend on one. However, it must also be pointed out that you really don’t have to break your back to get a wedding ring, no. you can get one at your estimated budget. For instance, you can check out these ones.

Pic #1: A typical sapphire ring
Pic #2: A lovely moissanite ring

very interesting engagement ring with one big blue diamond with gold band
Credit: S. Kind & Co
amazing ring with many round diamonds
Credit: Rad Red Creative Photography

Pic #3: A great silver ring
Pic #4: A sidestone ring with a black centre

platinum ring with big round diamond at center
Credit: tacoriofficial via instagram
square black diamond with silver platinum band
Credit: Pallotta Jewellers

Pic #5: A unique silver ring
Pic #6: What a ring!

interspersed double platinum band with big diamonds
Credit: Shane Company via Instagram
this engagement ring is perfect for your princess
Credit: Harry Winston

Pic #7: A threestone ring and a normal silver ring
Pic #8: A radiant ring in its case

two platinum rings
Credit: Brilliant Earth via Instagram
creative band ring with big diamond
Credit: Nile via Instagram

Pic #9: A lovely threestone asscher aquamarine ring
Pic #10: A beautiful emerald threestone ring and two other rings

ring with three square diamonds
Credit: Sarah Nicole Jewelry via instagram
emerland diamond and wedding gold ring
Credit: Single Stone via Instagram

Pic #11: An amazing rose ring
Pic #12: A unique threestone rose ring

gold ring with seven round diamonds
Credit: Trumpet & Horn via instagram
ring oval pink diamond with gold band
Credit: Brilliatn Earth via Iantagram

Pic #13: A shiny silver sidestone ring
Pic #14: A perfect example of a uniquely designed wedding ring

classic ring with beautiful diamond and richely decorated band
Credit: Scott Kay
ring with round diamond and interspersed double band
Credit: The Sylvie Collection