Credit: Victoria Besedina

A wedding day is one of the greatest days in a person’s life hence the need and importance of making it awesome. Apart from the things or activities that will go on in your wedding, you, as a person, also has a very big stake in determining how your day will turn out. This is especially the case with brides. A bored bride will certainly make the whole thing boring as well. And, on the flipside, a charming and sexy bride will definitely make the day lively and one to remember forever. Therefore, be that sexy bride particularly in photography and make your wedding one which people would really die to remember for years. Here is how!

1: Groom on the wall with his hands raising the gown!
2: A good one! That net does the magic.

Credit: Tonilynn Photography
Credit: Greg Finck

3: A bride in a bikini and small net on her head
4: Those long uncovered legs plus the heels

Credit: Lightburst Photography
Credit: la gartier via Instagram

5: Lovely!
6: Amazing!

Credit: Chen Buxton
Credit: Masha Golub

7: The big bouquet makes the picture even much better
8: You like bikinis? Get this one!

Credit: Victoria Besedina
Credit: Montessa Photography

9: I love the doll and the night dress. Ready for bed.
10: The bride and the gown

Credit: Vadim Zakharishchev
Credit: Konstantin Semenikhin

11: Dressing up
12: Love yourself!

Credit: Elizabeth Messina
Credit: Montesa photography

13: Dress up in style
14: Make sure everything is right with your gown as you prepare to wear it

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