beautyful hairstyle for bride
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Hairstyle is among the last minute wedding preparations you have to do. Deciding what hair to put on depends on the kind of wedding dress you have. It is important to visit a good hair dresser days before the wedding day and try out different hair styles to be sure what you want on your big day. It is also important to consider what kind of accessories you will wear, how long your wedding hairstyle will need to last and where you want to attach your veil if having one. We will take you through 13 ideas and you will definitely love most if not all of them.

#1 Elegant water fall braid with simple twists for a stylish optical illusion.
#2 Beautiful and Voluminous curled up-do with a floral hair piece on the side.

water fall braid
Credit: twist me pretty
curled up do
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#3 Voluminous braided high based bun with a sparkling accessory around the bun.
#4 Braided Low chignon worn with a beautiful yellow and white accessory on the side.

voluminous braided high based
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hairstyle with yellow white accessory
Credit: IHMS

#5 Beautiful braided high bun hairstyle that goes for any occasion.
#6 Cute slept in waves with Centre braid Woven with a ribbon to bring out the vintage effect.

amazing hairstyle for any occasion
Credit: Elstile
vintage hairstyle
Credit: Ryan Ray

#7 Side fish tail braid woven from the crown and stopping midway is perfect for a romantic bride.
#8 Pulled back chignon worn with a sparkling white accessory at the bun.

beautyful hairstyle for bride
Credit: emmas_parlour via Instagram
jewelry with bum
Credit: El Stile

#9 Glamorous up do with an accessory running around the forehead.
#10 A voluminous up do with beautiful accessory clasped on one side.

fashion jewelry forehead
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accessory clasped on one side
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#11 Glamorous top note bun with a Chinese bang that enhances a stylish appeal and accentuates your beauty.
#12 Romantic waves matched with a flower crown and cute hangings that blend into each other.

Chinese bang
Credit: Ciara Richardson photography
natural hairstyle with flowers
Credit: Emily Jane Photography