creatively colorful cake with four layers
Credit: Geoff Duncan photography

A wedding cake symbolizes the first meal you share as a couple together with family, friends, and relatives hence it should be the best of the best. The cake is also one of the most dramatic features of every wedding reception. It is often displayed for the guests to admire. The creative confections provided that day are a feast for the eyes and mouth. Whether it is that cake which you have always admired or even a custom design, there are companies which specialize in that. They work very closely with customers to provide their dream cakes for their special days. Samples the following design and choose your favorite.

#1: A purple three-course wedding cake. It is placed on a silver stand and has some chocolate edges.
#2: A three-course wedding cake placed on a white circular stand. The last top course is heart-shaped.

purple three-course wedding cake
Credit: Sweet Art Bake Shop
cake with shape heart
Credit: Sophia Fox Cake Designer

#3: A three-course wedding cake. It features three four-edged cakes put on each other.
#4: Three circular cakes put on each other to make a three-course wedding cake.

square wedding cake with three layers
Credit: Milou & Olin
traditional white three layers cake
Credit: Kristyn Hogan

#5: A three-course wedding cake. It features one white circular cake put on a bigger orange cake. The top course is orange-colored.
#6: Three round-shaped cakes put on each other to produce a three-course design.

two layers cake decorated three orange roses at top
Credit: Urban Safari photography
three layers white cake with blue patterns
Credit: B. Loved

#7: A cream-colored one-course cake. It has beautifully designed edges and fruit package on the top.
#8: Two black cakes with a white cake between them to produce a three-course cake. It also has some flowers on top and edges.

creative cake with many layers
Credit: Landon Jacob
black white cake with word love
Credit: Danfredo photos and Films

#9: A four-course white cake. It features three circular cakes and two white seats on top.
#10: A beautifully set two-course cake. It features two circular cakes placed on a circular stand.

beautiful white wedding cake with shape seafood
Credit: Sugar Sugar Custom Cakes
simple cake decorated red flowers
Credit: Sweet Bakes

#11: A three-course cake with a flowery decoration on its side.
#12: A white four-course cake. Its edges are decorated with flower designs.

big three layers cake with pin on many flowers
Credit: Cakes to Dreamon
creatively colorful cake with four layers
Credit: Geoff Duncan photography

#13: A cream three-course cake. The bottom course is flowery designed.
#14: A one-course cake designed like one big white flower donned by three smaller ones colored pink.

simple big white cake
Credit: Cotton and Crumbs
good decorated cake
Credit: Sweet on cake