Credit: Yelda Calimli

Wedding photos are lasting reminders of this very special day of your life. Hence, every couple getting married should make sure that their pictures are as beautiful and romantic as possible. Here, we have a secret for ensuring are that your wedding photos are ranked above the rest. Your wedding day arrives and goes very quickly, and that is why earlier preparation is necessary. Identify your favorite photographers at least nine months in advance. Settle on the best at least seven months in advance. Note that while your photographer will tell you the moments they normally capture, it is also important you know precisely what you love too. After all, it is you who wants to keep these memories intact in your photo album.

#1: A photo shot while the while the newlyweds are kissing in front of a flower frame.
#2: A photo shot on a beach while the husband is carrying his wife possibly during their honeymoon.

Credit: Yelda Calimli
Credit: Claire Courtney

#3: Newlyweds photographed kissing in front of trees.
#4: Lovers kissing beside a traffic jam while the man is holding red balloons and the woman holding some red flowers.

Credit: Getty Images
Credit: Emma Lucy Photography

#5: Lovers kissing outside while the lady in a white pair of shorts is held high by the gentleman in a black suit.
#6: Newlyweds kissing in a photo-shooting site while the bride is held high.

Credit: Jenny McCann
Credit: Alta Moda Bridal

#7: A bride walking up a shallow stream of water which is flowing inside a beautiful valley.
#8: Newlyweds kissing in a natural forest in their wedding regalia.

Credit: Jess Hunter Photography
Credit: Jaci Marie Photography

#9: A bridegroom holding his bride from the back while she stares at the flowers he is holding.
#10: Newlyweds kissing underwater while donning their wedding regalia.

Credit: Photo in Moscow
Credit: Dina Chmut

#11: A newly married couple kissing in front of a beautiful hotel entrance donning their gowns.
#12: A new couple in their wedding clothes photographed from behind while walking on a beach.

groom kissing bride
Credit: Arustamova
bride and groom are walking at sunset
Credit: Dina Chmut

#13: A new couple photographed kissing that very night outside is a dimly-lit garden.
#14: Husband and wife kissing in a green field while standing.

romantic night scene
Credit: Vibrant Photography
Credit: Damor Photography