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From tulle and candles to wedding bows for cars, there is an expanded selection of various themes for wedding decorations. You can find beautiful but affordable decorations for your wedding ceremony, reception venue and guest tables as well as for the bridal car. If you want to shop for wedding decorations by color, you will find everything including white, Caribbean blue and hot pink. You can also search by browsing related pages by category, arranged by type, centerpieces, table decorations, hanging decorations and candles. Choose wedding decorations and other supplies that will not break your budget. Most of companies dealing with wedding decorations will deliver these products directly to your venue. Contact them well in advance for decorations and other essentials first to save and to learn various wedding ideas.

#1 A dining hall laid with round tables featuring white table clothes, pink and white flower and wine glasses and cutlery.
#2 An outside dining table featuring large banquet of flowers and bottles of expensive whisky.

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#3 A table laid with a sisal fabric with an enormous glass with a candle and other bland white decorations inside.
#4 Large square flower container with purple, pink and green flowers put on a white table.

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#5 An entrance to a church decorated with pink and green flowers.
#6 A white reception table for two laid in an open field.

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Credit: Theresa NeSmith Photography

#7 A romantically lit dinner table set on a sea shore.
#8 A table top carrying cakes on frames supported by wine-fermenting drums.

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Credit: Katie Jackson

#9 An exotic wedding reception hall featuring a lot of white table clothes and green flowers.
#10 An open wedding reception setting featuring white furniture and clothes.

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#11 A wedding reception table featuring classical seats and tables.
#12 A wine-fermenting drum with a banquet of white and green flower on its top.

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#13 A wooden photo-shooting dais for newly-weds featuring white and green flowers and white clothes.
#14 A table with bright flowers and white cutlery.

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