beautiful gold ring with blue topaz
Credit: S. Kind & Co via Instagram

Engagement rings are the perfect symbols of love. It is that time in your life when you are ready to take the next mega step in your relationship by expressing your long commitment to each another. An engagement ring can boost the love of your partner towards you. Hence, you should take time when shopping for one.

Ultimately, your wedding ring should make an intimate statement to your “other half”. The ring is the binding jewelry that you will both wear to symbolize your marriage. They range from gorgeous diamond to the glittering gold. Whether you like classic, timeless or trending designs, there are all of these in the market. Below are some of the most coveted rings that are available in the market.

#2 A pair of two golden rings with a sunflower-shaped head. The head is decorated with diamond beads.

creative gold ring with diamonds
Credit: Heidi Gibson

#3 A lovely silver ring with a beautiful head decorated with diamond beads.
#4 Two golden rings, one with a smooth surface and a diamond head. The other one is a perfect circle with ragged edges.

platinum engagement ring with big round diamond
Credit: Verragio
two traditional gold rings
Credit: Reverie Supply Photography

#5 Two beautiful rings decorated with gold and a black gem.
#6 A stunning female wedding ring. Its head is made of a spackling gem surrounding a red pearl.

gold ring with oval onyx
Credit: Trabert Goldsmiths via instagram
ring with radiant garnet and gold band
Credit: ERSTWHILE via Instagram

#7 An elegant silver ring twisted all along its circumference and has an elegant head.
#8 A silver ring with a square head. It is put in a yellow flower.

amazing platinum engagement ring with diamond
Credit: Green Lake Jewelry Works via Instagram
asscher diamond
Credit: zalesjewelers via instagram

#9 A silver ring with have its circumference smoothly designed and the other half fashioned almost like a crown.
#10 A pair of silver rings that are merged from a square head.

platium ring richely decorated
Credit: Topazery Jewelry via facebook
asscher platinum ring
Credit: Topazery Jewelry via facebook

#11 A wedding ring fashioned with the crown design. It has glittering beads all over it.
#12 A smoothly shaped copper ring with a circular diamond head.

gold ring for princess
Credit: Scott Kay
vintage gold ring with many diamonds
Credit: RareEarth via Etsy

#13 A thin copper ring with a black head.
#14 A silver ring with a magnificent diamond head.

beautiful gold ring with blue topaz
Credit: S. Kind & Co via Instagram
round diamond with double platinum band
Credit: Tiffany & Co