delicate small bouquet
Credit: Sleepy Fox photography

The round bouquets are usually the most common in the market, although there are other bouquet shapes to choose from. Most people aspiring to do a wedding do not know the varieties to choose from. So when you are searching for a wedding bouquet, ensure you write everything down before meeting a florist. Consider your favorite shape, type of flowers you want to have in your bouquet, your wedding’s color theme among others. This is very crucial information to any florist since they want your bouquet to seamlessly fit in with the rest of the setting. A professional florist should ask you a lot of questions so they can formulate something you will love. Here are some stunning bouquets of flowers to consider on your wedding day.

#1: A bouquet consisting of a mixture of red, pink and cream Rose flowers and green twigs.
#2: A beautiful bouquet comprised of red, pink and which Rose flowers.

cascade colorful bouquet
Credit: Brooke Images
round bouquet with colorful flowers
Credit: Brooke Images

#3: An elegantly designed bouquet of white orchids.
#4: A small bouquet consisting of green leaves and pink flowers. It is tied with a pink ribbon.

cascade white flowers bouquet
Credit: silk blooms
nosegay bouquet with white roses and field flowers
Credit: Jemma Keech

#5: A bouquet consisting of green leaves and red Rose flowers.
#6: A bouquet consisting of green leaves red fruits and red Rose flowers.

round bouquet with dark red flowers
Credit: Angela Higgins
round big bouquet with many flowers
Credit: Alejandra Vidal

#7: A small bouquet comprised of white flowers and small blue fruits.
#8: A bouquet comprised of white and yellow flowers and long green strings.

delicate small bouquet
Credit: Sleepy Fox photography
big cascade bouquet has white flowers
Credit: Ulysses Photography

#9: A bouquet consisting of a combination of pink, purple, yellow and white flowers.
#10: A bouquet comprised of green leaves and white flowers.

posy bouquet with field flowers
Credit: Peter and Veronika Photography
creative cascade bouquet
Credit: Love Katie and Sarah

#11: A bouquet consisting of green leaves red fruits and pink Rose flowers.
#12: Small bouquets made of white flowers and green leaves tied with white ribbons.

traditional round bouquet for bride
Credit: Liberty Blooms
four posy bouquet
Credit: When He Found Her

#13: A dark bouquet made of green leaves, black fruits, and some few white flowers.
#14: A bright bouquet made of white and pink flowers wrapped with a pink ribbon.

amazing cascade bouquet
Credit: Corbin Gurkin Photography
round bouquet with colorful roses
Credit: Katelyn James

#15: A bouquet made of sunflowers and red cherry flowers.
#16: A bouquet comprised of pink and white flowers and green leaves.

round big bouquet with sunflowers and red flowers
Credit: Floral V Designs
beautiful bouquet for your wedding day
Credit: Floral Verde LLC