amazing colorful round cake richely decorated flowers and patterns
Credit: Anna Marisol photography

A wedding cake signifies the first meal you share as a couple together with family, friends, and relatives hence it should be the best of the best. The cake is also one of the most dramatic features of every wedding reception. It is often displayed for the guests to admire. The creative confections provided that day are a feast for the eyes and mouth. Whether it is that cake which you have always admired or even a custom design, there are companies which specialize in that. They work very closely with customers to provide their dream cakes for their special days. Samples the following design and choose your favorite.

#1: A marvelous cake designed like an African woman wearing a Cinderella dress with a sweetheart-shaped burst.
#2: A cream two-course cake with a cone on top.

wedding cake has shape ball gown
Credit: Box Hill Bespoke Cakes
two layers cake with cone and string
Credit: Pictilio

#3: A cream multi-coursed cake decorated with pink flowers and a rectangular base.
#4: A black forest cake served with pineapples.

very big wedding cake with seven layers decorated pink flowers
Credit: Carlo’s Bakery
pineapple cake
Credit: Tasha Seccombe photography

#5: A round pink cake decorated with blue flowers.
#6: A beautiful three-course chocolate cake. The courses are round and have some other decorations.

one layer round pink cake
Credit: Coco Paloma
mniam chocolate wedding cake
Credit: But a Dream Custom Cakes

#7: A brown multi-course wedding cake. It is donned with black and red fruits.
#8: A two-course wedding cake decorated with red and green flowers and a chocolate drawing.

many layers cake with black red fruits
forest white cake
Credit: Precious Pictures Photography

#9: A circular, multi-coursed white cake. It is also decorated with white flowers.
#10: A cream multi-coursed cake decorated with flowers.

simple white cake fiver layers decorated white flowers
Credit: Vue photography
cheese cake
Credit: Fairview

#11: A white circular two-course wedding cake decorated with pink and green flowers put on a white stand.
#12: A circular three-coursed wedding cake. It is embellished with flowers of different colors.

white round cake with pink flowers
Credit: M Cakes Sweets
amazing colorful round cake richely decorated flowers and patterns
Credit: Anna Marisol photography

#13: A circular four-course cake. It is white and decorated with green flowers.
#14: A multi-coursed white wedding cake donning white and pink flowers.

white cake decorated green leaves
Credit: Rebecca Arthurs
big white cake decor many pink flowers
Credit: Roberta Facchini photography

#15: A circular three-coursed wedding cake decorated with three pink roses. It has a blue base and white top.
#16: A greyish three-course wedding cake. It is decorated with grey flowers.

simple cake
Credit: Hunter Ryan photo
exclusive silver patterns on white wedding cake
Credit: The Pastry studio