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Walk down the aisle courtesy of the exquisite wedding shoes from the leading bridal collection. You can choose from satin high heels, beautifully decorated ivory wedges and chic-block heeled sandals that will enable you to dance all night on this special day. That memorable day, your bridal shoes will be your feet’s longest companion hence it is crucial to buy early enough before the wedding day. Nowadays, there are custom-made bridal shoes that can be ordered from the best wedding shoe dealers. Below are some of the trending bridal shoe designs you may like to wear that special day of your life.

#1: Flat, closed, brown female shoes decorated with shinning beads.
#2: Elegant closed high-heeled shoes. They are cream in color but decorated with silver beads.

Credit: Elizabeth Messina
Credit: Ana-Rosa Photography

#3: A chocolate-colored high-heeled shoe. It is closed and has been creatively shaped with leafy designs.
#4: A pair of closed, blue high-heeled shoes on top of two blue bibles.

Credit: Ralph Russo
Credit: Larissa Nicole Photography

#5: Cream-colored open high-heeled shoes with shining beads.
#6: Flat open shoes with a brown soul and shiny strands.

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Credit: Heather Payne photography

#7: Flat open shoes with a cream-colored soul and strands decorated with shiny beads.
#8: Closed high-heel shoes. They are all red without additional decorations.

Credit: Bella Belle Shoes
red shoes for bride
Credit: Summer Jean photography

#9: Flat open shoes. They are white and decorated with shiny beads.
#10: Closed high-heeled shoes. They are white but decorated with shiny beads.

Credit: Aruna Seth
Credit: Pierre Torset

#11: Open flat shoes. They have a brown soul, and its strands are decorated with shiny beads.
#12: Open flat shoes. Their strands have shining beads and a red rose flower.

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Credit: Gref Finck

#13: Closed high-heeled shoes. They are simply white and modest.
#14: Open high-heeled shoes. They are silver-colored, and their strands are embellished with silver beads.

white shoes
Credit: Chie Store
Credit: Photo Love

#15: Open high-heeled shoes. They are simply dark green and modest.
#16: Open flat shoes. Its simple souls and strands are grey.

Credit: Faye Cornhill
Credit: Brklyn View Photography