amazing bride long hairstyle curly pin-on flowers
Credit: Ulyana Aster via Instagram

If you are searching for wedding hairstyles, you will notice there is a particular design that has always been popularized regarding how you look on that big day. It is always quite long and has certain finesse with a curling iron. Recently, the wedding industry has introduced the wedding braids. Below, we have prepared photos just for the wedding hairstyles. Please select one while remembering that your suitable hairstyle will be dictated by the shape of the head among other things.

#1: Long, dark-brown curly and intertwined hair. It is also donned with pink flowers to brighten it.
#2: Long brushed dark-brown hair. It has been decorated with a bouquet of green and red flowers.

amazing bride long hairstyle curly pin-on flowers
Credit: Ulyana Aster via Instagram
this bride has long brushed dark brown hair
Credit: Kelsea Holder Photography

#3: Long light-brown slight hair laid freely. They are decorated with white roses on the forehead.
#4: Dark-brown strands of curly hair. It bears a free ending and is decorated with shiny beads on the head.

long blond hairstyle
Credit: Laura Murray Photography
long curly hair
Credit: Ulyana Aster via Instagram

#5: A straight dark-brown hair. It is intertwined at its end on the wearer’s back.
#6: A black straight hair. It is brushed backward and folded just above the shoulders.

dark brown hair
Credit: IHMS
black hair bride
Credit: Bridesroom via Instagram

#7: A long piece of hair laid back. It a combination of black and dark brown hair decorated with shiny beads.
#8: Elegantly done light-brown hair. It is straight on the head and curly on the back and has white and green flower decorations.

long string hair has fishtail
Credit: provans_studio via Instagram
blond hair decorated flowers
Credit: Art4 Studio

#9: A long light brown hair. It is brushed straight on the head but curly towards the back.
#10: A medium-sized hair folded just above the shoulders. It is a combination of black and blown.

long light blond curly hair
Credit: Kari Bellamy photography
classic hairstyle for wedding day
Credit: El Stile

#11: Long pieces of hair brushed towards the front and back. They are black but decorated with green and white flowers.
#12: A fairly short black hair. It is folded just above the shoulder and is decorated with shiny beads.

long hair straight and curly
Credit: Whiskers and Willow Photography
simple hair
Credit: belairebridal via Instagram

#13: A long, fairly curled hair that runs backward. It is decorated with green, pink and white flowers.
#14: A short dark brown hair. It is folded only on the head and decorated with purple and white Rose flowers.

black long hair
Credit: Blue Rose Pictures
short hair
Credit: Anna Campbell