pretty bow on the chair
Credit: Velvetine Studios

Your wedding should reflect your desires. Your wedding day perhaps should be the only day that you may be the guest of honor and the host of a historical event. Hence, you should influence the decoration around as you influenced your partner to marry you. However, the decorations should prove that you have a taste of fashion and you are dedicated towards the day and the marriage. That is the reason why you should consult widely starting with your partner. Here are sample photos that can influence your choice of decoration.

#1. Box lighting decorations hanged inside a classical wooden hall.
#2. White carpet set between white chairs. The carpet leads to an old decorated hall.

interesting lighting in the barn
Credit: Laura Leigh photo
barn for the wedding
Credit: Kelli Carrico

#3. A golden basket with a very beautiful lid with a handle besides a bouquet of pink flowers.
#4. White classical chairs arranged in an open field. They are donned with green, pink and white flowers.

gold lantern
Credit: Melissa Oholendt photography
flowers pinned to a chair
Credit: Katherine OBrien photography

#5. A wedding reception hall packed with white chairs. On the roof is a dazzling set of lights.
#6. A bouquet put in a metallic stand. It comprises of white and green flowers.

amazing hall decoration
Credit: Ikonica
field white flowers as wedding decoration
Credit: onelove photography

#7. A wedding photo-shoot stage set in the open. It comprises of white, pink and green flowers.
#8. A wedding photo-shoot stand set in front of a stone wall. The stand has pink, green and white flowers.

altar outdoor
Credit: Caroline Tran
altar outdoor decorated many flowers
Credit: Concept Photography

#9. A small bouquet inserted in a small transparent bottle placed on a tree stem. It is comprised of sunflowers and green flowers.
#10. A dark brown classical chair wrapped with white nets.

sunflowers in jar on trunk
Credit: Lynette Smith Photography
pretty bow on the chair
Credit: Velvetine Studios

#11. An old door placed at the center of a field. It is decorated with pink and green flowers.
#12. Glass containers carrying purple flowers.

outdoor door
Credit: Lightening photography
pretty purple decoration for table
Credit: Enchanted Empire Event

#13. A wedding photo-shooting point placed on a beach. It is decorated with white and pink flowers.
#14. A white flower stand, containing a black chair and green and white flowers.

outdoor altar on beach
Credit: Sabrina Lightbourn Photography
lantern decoration with flowers
Credit: Meredith Moran photography