half white half chocolate wedding cake
Credit: Stiletto Studio

A wedding cake symbolizes the first meal you take as a couple including your family, friends as well as relatives. Hence, the cake should be the best among the best. The cake is as well one of the most notable features of any wedding reception. It is culturally displayed for the attending guests to admire. Normally, the creative confections formulated that day are of feasting with the eyes as well as the mouth. Whether it is that cake that you have usually admired or even a popular design, there are many companies that specialize in all these. Samples the following wedding cake design and select your favorite.

#1. A circular multi-coursed cake. It is white but has a blue decoration on the side.
#2. A round three-course cake. It has red, blue, white, green and yellow flowers put around every course.

creative cake
Credit: Whisk Cake Company
three layers wedding cake with colorful flowers
Credit: Holly Deacon photography

#3. A three-course cake with twin owl shapes on top. It is decorated with red and white flowers.
#4. A two-course wedding cake placed on a white circular stand.

autumn cake with maple leaves
Credit: Echo Media photography
small cake with flower decoration
Credit: Shane Godfrey photography

#5. A four-course wedding cake with a dummy couple at the top and a chocolate painting on one side.
#6. A three-course cake with a tree and sunset painting and a purple flowery base.

half white half chocolate wedding cake
Credit: Stiletto Studio
cake has style picture
Credit: ideiasdebolosefestas via Instagram

#7. A white four-course cake with pink and white flower decorations.
#8. A purplish wedding cake shapes of bride and bridegroom on its top.

traditional cake
Credit: Olivia Smartt Photography
cookies has shape wedding dresses
Credit: Marinold Cakes via Facebook

#9. A massive three-course wedding cake. It is whit and with red flower decorations.
#10. A small three-course cake. The two bottom courses are light red. It is decorated with yellow, white and purple flowers.

big white cake with pink decoration
Credit: Winifred Kristé Cake
small three layers cake
Credit: Letter A photography

#11. A white three-course cake decorated with red, blue and green flowers.
#12. A brown two-course cake decorated with red, green and white flowers.

white cake with creatively patterns and flowers
Credit: Wild Orchid Baking Company
good show this cake
Credit: Desiree Shuey photography

#13. A yellow four-course cake with black flowery drawings put on a white stand.
#14. A cream four-course cake with green flowery decorations.

cake has style stained glass
Credit: Maggie Austin Cake
imitation of wood
Credit: Cake by Gretchen

#15. A white three-course cake with blue and cream flower decorations.
#16. Three cakes put on each other to form a three-course cake and have green flower decorations.

pretty blue cake with white a bow
Credit: But a Dream Custom Cakes
cheese cake
Credit: Aida Krgin Photography