brown updo hair
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Whether you are getting married, acting as the bridesmaid or simply the guest of honor at a forthcoming wedding, we have the loveliest wedding hairstyles for you. They range from classic up-dos to the Boho down-dos. Like anyone else, you must be looking for something on trend. However, you also must make sure your look is timeless such that when you look back on your wedding photographs in future, you will not feel ashamed of yourself. As a result, we have picked out the best of the very best as far as hairstyles are concerned. These glorious wedding hairstyles will make you feel like a queen during your wedding.

#1. Dark brown hair folded to reach just above the shoulders and decorated with a purple ribbon.
#2. Light brown hair folded around the head and decorated with a green and white string of flower.

hairstyle decorated with purple ribbon
Credit: MEGFISH Photography
blond hairstyle with flowers ribbon
Credit: Clean Plate Pictures

#3. A long light brown hair. It is highly curled at the back.
#4. A long light brown hair with curls brushed to fall on the burst.

traditional hairstyle for bride
Credit: Elstile
curled long blond hair
Credit: Troy Grover photography

#5. A small, modest hair folded to fit the head only.
#6. Long curled hair made to fall on the face and the shoulders.

simple short hairstyle
Credit: Julia Jeckell
beautiful bride hairstyle
Credit: Ulyana Aster

#7. Highly curled dark brown hair made to fit the only.
#8. Light brown hair brushed straight on the head and curled backward.

brown updo hair
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pretty updo curled blond hair
Credit: El Stile

#9. A short light brown hair folded at the back.
#10. A fairly short light brown hair. It is highly coiled at the back.

updo hair decorated delicate ribbon
Credit: Hair and Makeup by Steph
blond hair with ribbon
Credit: archetype_photo via Instagram

#11. A very short black hair folded on the back.
#12. A short curly hair. It is dark brown and decorated with a white, green and purple string of flowers.

updo black hair
Credit: Nikolay Polyakov Photography
brown hair with flowers
Credit: Anushé Low

#13. A short light brown hair braided at the back.
#14. A short dark brown hair set to fit the head only. Some parts are brushed towards the face and folded at the back.

simple updo hair
Credit: Vienna Glenn photography
good hairstyle for bride with long hair
Credit: ElStile