bouquet with Succulents and Lisianthus flowers
Credit: This Modern Romance

Fragrant and lovely flowers play a key role in the decoration of any wedding. However, fresh, beautiful blooms may easily become very expensive especially when engaging a floral designer. Hence, you should have time to find the most reliable and affordable florist. The bridal bouquet is what you will carry as you walk down the aisle. It will also be in your entire wedding picture, and hence it should be the most gorgeous and of high quality. Avoid picking a bouquet that will shed flowers or has a strong fragrance. So work closely with your florist to produce a stunning arrangement you will be excited to hold and which will represent your tastes. Since wedding arrangement can be quite overwhelming, we have prepared the best sets of flower bouquets you can use that big day.

#1. A bouquet of Daisy small white flowers, Baby Breath are yellow flowers.
#2. A romantic bouquet made of Succulents – green leaves, Lisianthus white flowers; Peacock feathers.

field flowers
Credit: Larissa Nicole Photography
bouquet with Succulents and Lisianthus flowers
Credit: This Modern Romance

#3. A bouquet made of lovely white, black and pink flowers.
#4. A bouquet comprised of green leaves and white and pink flowers.

Peony - salmon flowers; Dusty miller flat - silver leaves; Lisianthus - white flowers with yellow middle
Credit: Niikole Ramsay Photographer
Ruscus leaves - ornament leaves;Roses - light pink flowers; Peony - white flowers with yellow means; Chrysanthemum - bright pink flowers with orange center; Eucalyptus - silver leaves; Sage - white dangling flowers
Credit: anya kernes photography

#5. A lovely bouquet comprised of fine, red, purple and blue flowers.
#6. A modest bouquet made of black fruits; grey and green leaves; white and black flowers.

Peony - large pink and cherry blossoms; Clover - light pink flowers
Credit: Ian Grant photography
Brunia - silver beads in bouquet Anemone - white flowers with black middle Peony - large white flowers Eucalyptus - silvery leaves
Credit: Isabelle Selby Photography

#7. A beautiful bouquet made of white and pink flowers.
#8. A lovely bouquet made of sharp green leaves and white and purple flowers.

Roses - pink flowers; Hydrangea - white flowers
Credit: Jen Harvey photography
Roses - white flowers; Astrantia - light pink flower
Credit: Jodi Miller

#9. A bouquet consisting of green leaves, white and red flowers tied with red and white ribbons.
#10. A romantic bouquet consisting of round, red, purple and green flowers.

Dhalia - large cherry flowers; Hydrangea - white small flowers
Credit: Paige Reaux
Hydrangea - green flowers; Roses - orange flowers, Peony - large pink and orange flower; Tulips - salmon flowers
Credit: Bud’s Florist Inc.

#11. A bouquet consisting of green leaves and purple flowers that differ in color depth.
#12. A bouquet made of lovely blue, purple and green flowers.

Roses - light pink flowers; Freesia - light blue flowers with green buds; Lilac - violet flowers
Credit: Tammy Hughes
Decorative thistle - bows in a bouquet Roses - violet flowers
Credit: Lane Dittoe

#13. A romantic bouquet consisting of green leaves, white and blue flowers.
#14. A lovely bouquet comprised of green leaves, big yellow, red and green cherry flowers.

Freesia - white flowers with green buds; Peony - large white flowers; Hydrangea - blue flowers
Credit: Katherine Ashdown
Dhalia - cherry and orange flowers; Hydrangea - green-violet flowers
Credit: McKay imaging photography