amazing wedding cake
Credit: Tastefully Yours Cake Art via Facebook

You have just taken your vows, and now you are now ready to party. Did you know that your guests will remember the wedding cake from the bridal gown and the cake? So why not present them with the best? There are bakers who have been dealing with wedding cakes for decades and have designed thousands of mesmerizing and delectable cakes for many of happy couples. The cakes are not only beautiful, but they are delicious as well. These cakes are baked with only the finest ingredients to make the guest feel like eating the entire cake. Since the cake design means a lot due to the impression it will create to the guest, some of these.

#1. A brown multi-course cake donned with lots of red, green and white flowers and strawberries.
#2. A white three-course cake decorated with white fruits and flowers.

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yummy wedding cake
autumn cake with pumpkin and maple leaves
Credit: Cake Central

#3. A white two-course wedding cake decorated with red flowers.
#4. A white three-course cake decorated with black drawings and has a plane model on the top.

tile pattern cake
Credit: Mayflour Confections
earth map reproduced on the cake
Credit: Couture Cakes

#5. A blue and black two-leveled wedding cake decorated with dark brown and green flowers.
#6. A multi-colored cake put on a golden stand decorated with white and pink flower.

amazing wedding cake
Credit: Tastefully Yours Cake Art via Facebook
cake has shape stained glass
Credit: Caking It Up via instagram

#7. A white four-leveled wedding cake decorated with green, brown and white flowers with two wine glasses beside it.
#8. A white three-course wedding cake decorated with red and white flowers.

delicious biscuit cake
Credit: Annmarie Swift photography
white cake decorated flowers
Credit: Winifred Kristé Cake

#9. A lovely white cake decorated with white flowers on each of its four levels.
#10. A multi-colored cake comprised of various fruits including pineapples.

big cake with different each layer decor
Credit: Instagram@cottonandcrumbs
cheese cake
Credit: Orbie Pullen Photography

#11. A pink two-course cake decorated with pink flowers.
#12. A two-course multi-colored cake decorated with purple, green and red flowers.

cake in the shape of a stack of pancakes
Credit: cakeslove_and_more via Instagram
cake has napkins pattern
Credit: Jason Tey Photography

#13. A cream-colored four-course cake decorated with strawberries around each level.
#14. A pink two-course cake decorated with very beautiful blue flowery shapes.

tasty big cake with imitation slices of cheese and fruit
Credit: Wedding Cakes Greenbay
white cake with peacock feathers
Credit: Le Dolci Cupcakes and Cakes