long curly hair
Credit: Youri Sokolov via VK

Whether you are the one getting married, performing as the bridesmaid or just the guest of honor at an upcoming wedding, we have prepared the loveliest bridal hairstyles for you. Like any other bride, you must be searching for something that is trending. However, you also must ensure that your appearance is timeless so that when you see your wedding photos in future, you will not be shocked by your looks. As a result, we have selected the best wedding hairstyles that you can sample and settle on your most favorite. These magnificent wedding styles will give you a queen’s feeling on your wedding day.

#1. A simple light brown hair with fair curls made twisted to lay on the bust
#2. A mixture of dark brown and light brown hair intertwined together

pretty hairstyle curls hair
Credit: Izzy Hudgins photography
intertwined together
Credit: Ulyana Aster via Instagram

#3. Plain light brown hair folded at the back
#4. Dark brown hair set to lie on both shoulders

hair folded at the back
Credit: Chiali Meng
hair lie on both shoulders
Credit: Nasty Gal

#5. Coiled light brown hair with some strips stretched on the face
#6. Dark brown hair set to cover both ears to fit the head only

amazing hairstyle
Credit: Elstile via instagram
pretty bride hair
Credit: Elstile

#7. Dark brown hair brushed backward and folded at the back
#8. Dark brown hair with bunch of it weaved to and laid on the shoulders

blonde hair
Credit: Elstile
hair with bunch
Credit: Missy Sue

#9. Light brown hair brushed straight on the head and highly curled at the back
#10. A dark brown highly curled hair that fits the head only

highly curled at the back
Credit: El Stile Spb
fits the head only
Credit: Jeff Langhorne Photography

#11. A dark brown hair fairly curled and set to lay backward
#12. A curly light brown hair set to lie on the shoulders

lay backward
Credit: Style Estate
long bride hair
Credit: Your Dream photo

#13. A pink set of hair decorated with green, blue and white flowers
#14. A long dark brown curly hair set to lie on the back

hairstyle with decoration
Credit: Ciara Richardson
long curly hair
Credit: Youri Sokolov via VK

#15. A small set of black hair donned with a white headgear
#16. A small set of light brown hair decorated with green leaves and purple flowers

hairstyle with white headgear
Credit: Tania Maras
hairstyle decorated green leaves purple
Credit: Julie Paisley