Credit: Beal and Thomas

Subject to your wedding venue, there may be some limitations when it comes to the styles of decor you may apply. You may also be guided by the space you intend to decorate. For instance, a gazette museum or landmark wedding venue will not be allowed to be decorated, altered or modified in any manner. Maybe minimalizing everything is your habit and you have never harbored the idea of wedding decor, but you still want to personalize the ceremony. These are some wedding decorations tips that are quite affordable, but still beautiful and impactful.

#1. The main doors of a hall decorated with blue flowers and green leaves tied with cream-colored ribbons
#2. Candle-lit stands put down along both sides of a path between seats leading to the dais

Credit: Liz Photography
Credit: Beal and Thomas

#3. A candle-lit path between seats leading to a stage set between trees set with white sheets of clothing
#4. A romantic brown entrance made in a green field with a brown carpet leading to a wedding stage

Credit: Clean Plate Pictures
Credit: Divine Day Photography

#5. A dark green circular frame with some wordings inside it and decorated with green leaves
#6. A wedding reception table laid with a long glass holding green and white flowers

Credit: Katy Murray Photography
Credit: Lauren B photography

#7. Dark brown classical chairs set beside a wedding reception table
#8. A blue theme lighting made inside a hall with white chairs and white flowers

Credit: Jose Villa Photography
Credit: Avangard photography

#9. Two folks inserted in a sisal-made pocket decorated with a cream-colored flower
#10. A tall setting of roses of all colors

Credit: Anna Sawin photography
Credit: Sonya Khegay

#11. A dark wooden stand housing a lit candle surrounded by small jars carrying white and green flowers
#12. A photo-shooting stand donning sunflowers set at the center of a green field

Credit: Realities photography
Credit: Christina Forbes Photography

#13. A giant glass frame holding white and green flowers surrounded by wine glasses

Credit: Jeremy Lawson Photography