three colors cake in the style of halloween
Credit: The Cake Conspiracy

The most important aspect of a wedding cake is its appearance even more than its taste. It is usually meant to impress the eyes of the guest more than their tongues. In fact, a majority of wedding guests do not even taste it since they are afraid of sugar and other things. But its appearance will make a statement to them. Hence, when researching for your wedding cake, concentrate more on its appearance not its taste. Make your wedding memorable with your cake appearance since pictures are easily remembered than tastes. Below are several cake designs that might be of help to you.

#1. A pink four-course cake with flowery decorations of the same color at its top. It is placed on a matching stand surrounded by wine glasses.
#2. A beautiful three-course wedding cake decorated with brown and blue drawings.

simple wedding cake
Credit: Jen Fariello Photograph
art cake
Credit: Olofson design

#3. A lovely three-course cake. The bottom part is brown while the other two courses are white and decorated with green leaves.
#4. A creatively colored three-course cake placed on a black stand. The cake is decorated with yellow, red, blue, black and white triangles.

it looks delicious
Credit: Becca Borge
cake pattern geometric figures
Credit: AK Cake Design

#5. A two-course light green wedding cake decorated with pink flowers.
#6. A romantically designed three-course wedding cake decorated with cut fruits placed in all its levels.

cream cake decorated pink flowers
Credit: The Mischief Maker
cheese cake
Credit: Anneli Marinovich Photography

#7. A white three-course wedding cake with red and white flower decorations on its top.
#8. A multicolored three multi-course cake decorated with flowers of multiple colors.

white cake with ribbon
Credit: 7 Centerpieces via Instagram
local traditional colorful cake
Credit: Angie Silvy

#9. A white, circular two-course wedding cake decorated with lovely red and orange flowers.
#10. A three-course wedding cake decorated with white and red colors.

colorful decorated cake
Credit: Candlelight Bakery
three colors cake in the style of halloween
Credit: The Cake Conspiracy

#11. A white one-course wedding cake decorated with brown paste and purple flowers.
#12. A small round cake colored brown and white decorated with pink and green flowers at the top and black fruits at its base.

delicious cake
Credit: nouba_blog via Instagram
small simple cake
Credit: Paula McManus Photography

#13. A beautiful multi-coursed cake with blue and white ribbons.
#14. A three-course cake with colored white but decorated with purple flowers.

naval wedding cake
Credit: The Cake Zone
white cake decorated with cones
Credit: Catch My Party