Fragrant and beautiful flowers play a major role in decorating weddings. However, fresh, lovely blooms may easily become quite expensive especially when hiring a floral designer. Therefore, you should spare time to identify the most experienced and affordable florist. You will carry your flower bouquet as you walk down the aisle. It will also be visible in all the wedding photos and hence it should be gorgeous and of top quality. Therefore, work closely with a florist to produce a romantic composition. Since formulating a super composition of flowers in a bouquet can be challenging, we have prepared the best sets of bouquets to choose from.

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#1. A simple bouquet comprised of green leaves and white flowers only
#2. A bouquet consisting of pink and red round flowers

Tulips - white, closed flowers;Parrot Tulip - white-green torn flowers at the bottom of the bouquet;White Ranunculus - white flower in the center of the bouquet
Credit: Eric Boneske
Peony - large flowers;Carnations - small flowers
Credit: Erich Camping photography

#3. A synthetic bouquet made of purple and white flowers and shiny beads
#4. A very boldly combined bouquet comprised of spinach and white and blue flowers

Credit: Blue Petyl
Cabbage decorative - green "flower" in the center of the bouquet; Succulents - green flowers
Credit: Live View Studios

#5. A beautiful bouquet made of grey fruits, and white and black flowers
#6. A small bouquet consisting of red, pink flowers and green leaves

Anemone - white flowers with black means; Dusty miller flat - silver leaves; Brunia - silver balls in bouquet
Credit: Brooke Schuttz
Roses - bright pink flowers; Peony - large red flowers; Salal Leaves - leaves on the right side bouquets at the top; Dhalia
Credit: Melanie Bennett Photography

#7. A bouquet comprised of green strings of leaves and white flowers
#8. A bouquet consisting of grey and green leaves and white and pink flowers

Phlox - white flowers; Mini Calla Lily - white flowers in the shape of a hanging cup; Lily of the Valley - small white hanging flowers; Snoberry - small white balls
Credit: Will Hartl Photography
Roses - pink flowers; Dusty miller flat - silvery leaves; Lisianthus - white flowers; Succulents - large green flowers
Credit: Aimee McAuley Photography

#9. A plain synthetic bouquet made of white and cream flowers and smalls shiny balls
#10. A lovely bouquet consisting of grey fruits, grey leaves and white flowers

Pearl Peony
Credit: MyVintageWeddingAust via Etsy
Brunia - silver beads in bouquet; Dusty miller flat - silver leafs; Anemone - white flowers with black center; Roses - white flowers; Cones - conifers
Credit: Julia Newman Photography

#11. A bouquet comprised of green leaves and white leaves
#12. A lovely bouquet comprised of green leaves and pink, cream and white flowers tied with shiny beads

Anemone - white flowers with black center; Roses - pink flowers; Eucalyptus - silvery leaves; Cabbage decorative - green and purple part of the bouquet in the middle
Credit: Braun’s Fine Flowers
Peony - pink large flowers; Roses - light yellow - light pink flowers; Fressia - white open flowers; Wax Flower - small white flowers
Credit: Bob Care photography

#13. A bouquet consisting of sunflowers and blue and purple flowers
#14. A plain bouquet comprised of round white flowers

Sunflowers - large yellow flowers; Baby Breath - white flowers; Fressia - white flowers
Credit: Kristine Evanson
Peony - white and pink flowers
Credit: Sonya Khegay Photography

#15. A bouquet made of green leaves and round white flowers
#16. A bright bouquet made of green and red leaves and white, yellow and red leaves

Ruscus leaves - leaves; Dahlia - large bright pink flowers; Roses - bright yellow and bright pink flowers, peony - white and yellow flowers; Dusty miller flat - silvery leaves
Credit: Holly Heider Chapple Flowers
Ranunculus - bright orange flowers; Dhalia - large orange, bright cherry and white flowers; Astilbe - cherry-looking flowers
Credit: Tec Petaja