cake with imitation buckets with apples
Credit: Artisan Cake Company

Your wedding cake should reflect your true personality. That is why you see footballers’ wedding cakes being ball-shaped donning colors of their team jerseys. A soldier may also have a cake shaped after one of his tools of work. Your cake design and colors should be unique on top of it being delicious. However, your cake should also be guided by your budget. After consulting your partner with the help of experienced bakers, you can settle on its size and other decorations. Below are some unique cake designs which might inspire you when ordering for yours from bakers.

#1. A three-course cake put on top of a brown basket. It bottom course is brown decorated with brown strings, and the top two are purple. Its top part is shaped like a slice of fruit.
#2. A circular three-course wedding cake with strawberries put around its courses

Credit: Artisan Cake Company
cake with strawberries
Credit: John Shim photography

#3. Four fruit courses filled in four dark brown open containers
#4. A three-course wedding cake, two white one with an orange one between them. An orange-colored fruit is placed on the top.

cake with imitation buckets with apples
Credit: Artisan Cake Company
Credit: Nicole Benitez

#5. A two-course wedding cake put on a light purple stand. It is also decorated with small shining balls.
#6. A small cake with a pink flower and green leaves. There are black fruits put around its base.

white cake
Credit: Wild Orchid Baking
Credit: Paula McManus photography

#7. A white four-course wedding cake brown and light green circular decorations
#8. A lovely cream cake decorated with dripping chocolate. Some fruits and flowers are also put on its top

white wedding cake with many small cookies
Credit: Couture Cakes
Credit: Cordyscakes via Instagram

#9. A uniquely shaped cake. It is white but has green and black flowery decorations
#10. A white smoothly surfaced three-course wedding cake. It has green flower decorations around its base and ice decorations in its second course.

Credit: Cake Central
Credit: Live View Studios