husband holds a wife in his arms and they are in the meadow
Credit: Tessa Barton photography

Maybe you have never taken your wedding photo-shooting seriously. If it is so, you should start planning for it with the seriousness it deserves. The photos are the things that will document your wedding together with the videos. The shots should be the ones that will not make you look like a crown to the kids who will see them, decades later. Hence, you should be conscious of your postures, facial expressions, and gestures all day. You should also hire a photographer who will capture all the important moments clearly with his super-powerful camera.

#1. A wedding photo of the newlyweds kissing with their regalia in front of an entrance.
#2. Newlyweds are kissing in a green field. The bride is in her gown while her new husband is dressed as a cowboy.

kiss in the room
Credit: Story Lantern
kiss in outdoor
Credit: J Photography

#3. Lovers kissing in a stormy sea while the woman is held up by her man.
#4. Newlyweds laying romantically against each other on a white, heart-shaped sheet of cloth.

kiss in the sea
Credit: Jasmine Lee Photography
they lie on the grass
Credit: Haute Tramp

#5. Newlyweds captured kissing amidst green leaves. The bride is in her traditional gown while the bridegroom is in a grey suit.
#6. Lovers captured romantically holding each other in a flowering orchard. The man in a blue suit is lifting his woman up with both rocking heads.

kiss in the park
Credit: Zach and Sarah photography
husband holds a wife in his arms and they are in the meadow
Credit: Tessa Barton photography

#7. The husband is photographed kissing his new wife on her forehead while both are holding each other’s hands.
#8. The bride is shot sitting under a romantically-lit tree while smiling alone.

kiss in the city
Credit: Lindsay Madden Photography
bride is under tree
Credit: Volvoreta Bodas Photography via instagram

#9. A bride captured alone while holding her gown in an orchard of blue flowers.
#10. The newlyweds are captured in a romantic photo while kissing in a calm seashore. They are both wearing their wedding regalia.

bride in the field
Credit: Skorobogat Katya Photography
groom and bride are kissing
Credit: tylerrye_ via Instagram